Saturday, 2 January 2021

This Cerebus Comic could be worth $2500 to you!

Hi, Everybody!

All New, All Different Rigamarole:

I heard from the Waverly Press:
Hi Matt,
Hope you had a nice new year.
The new and improved Cerebus Overload site is live. There is some new information on the Regency Edition page and I'll be adding to it gradually (with images) over the next few weeks as we gear up for the launch... almost there!
The Spawn ten books are available on the site for pre-order though supplies will be very limited since we won't have a lot of remainders beyond the actual Kickstarter orders. There are a lot of variants... all rare.
Lastly, there is a sitewide 10% off New Years sale until January 17th.
Anyone who previously bookmarked the page should follow this updated link:
Heritage has some interesting "Dave Sim" bits including:

Hey Mags, ten'll get you twenty that this ain't Dave art...
Your store will be on sale:
Jan 13 – 16
Jan 27 – 29
Tell your fans! Remind them that everything will be up to 35% off! That means $13 tees, $20 phone cases, $30 hoodies, and way more.
The AMOC Mailbag got:
Click HERE to purchase anything from IT'S ALIVE! at
30% OFF!
Here are just a few options to get you going. . .
You can purchase these and many more comics and graphic novels at 30% OFF in our store HERE!
Drew Ford
 Instagram: @itsalivepress
Facebook: @itsalivepress
Twitter: @itsalivepress
IT'S ALIVE! is the brainchild of multiple Eisner Award nominee Drew Ford, publishing out of print comics, English translations of foreign material, original projects, and other unique collectibles.
UPDATE: I've been informed that Mr. Ford hasn't been the best fulfiller of his promises (see the comments below). I'm leaving this up here for now, but it won't be in the rigamarole from now on, and anybody who clicks the link: Caveat Emptor...

Anyway, I'm selling something on the eBays. A big bundle of "rare" Cerebus in Hell? comics, including a copy of Vark Wars and Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back that I took with me on vacation so they've been to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.
(Yes, I know that's a picture in front of Star Tours, I had to be quick, the Mouse had security following me because of the Vark Wars shirt. "Vark Lives Matter! You Fascists!")

Also included are copies of both the Virgin Batvark: PENIS and the HRM Edition of Hermann. plus a bunch of other CiH? issues. And plates of every version of every strip from both issues of Vark Wars.

And since NOBODY took care of this (that I can find...):
FLAMING CEREBUS COMICS (Dave's Weekly Update #371)
Hi, Everybody!

Previously-recorded-at-an-earlier-date from 
the Off-White House in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, It's:
Aardvark-Vanaheim Founder and President:
Dave Sim, with his Weekly Update:

And since Hermann is in stores, I can FINALLY show you how I ripped myself off:
Here's my page of Hermann:

Click for bigger

And here's the gag I "recycled from myself:
Click for bigger

Next Time: Oliver and more links then the cosplayers at a Mod Squad convention...


Bill Ritter said...

I'm presenting my experience with Drew Ford and It's Alive. I am doing this solely due his inclusion in the above AMOC posting.

I contributed $220 to his Red Range Kickstarter campaign in 2016, for the Dave Sim written story drawn by Sam Glanzman. Regrettably, Mr. Glanzman passed away before being able to work on the story. Mr. Ford assured me he was working on an alternative option for me; I have yet to learn of what that would be and Mr. Ford has not responded to my 3 emails sent since 2017.

I contributed $59 to his Aztec Ace Kickstarter campaign in 2018. In mid 2020 he notified contributors of It's Alive's financial troubles, and that he was working to fulfill the campaign. Aztec Ace collected $35,000 from 486 backers...and many have noted that funds brought in should have been enough to cover the campaign. I have ideas of how funds where being used...but they are unfounded and I'll keep to myself.

Mr. Ford and It's Alive have moved onto Indiegogo, likely having 1000+ personnel reporting his apparent frauds to Kickstarter.

My primary complaint is Mr. Ford has failed to respond to any of my inquiries. He has failed to offer alternative items. I am not the only one.

Obviously, purchasing from current inventory should be different than an Indiegogo or Kickstarter...but I stress anyone considering purchasing from It's Alive to be very cautious and wary of being ripped off.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


I've heard from others about this, so I did an update.

Sorry about your situation.


Bill Ritter said...

Thank you, Matt. I debated (and hesitated) mentioning anything at all...if it was only in the "it's Bill's problem" I would have maintained silence...but given the number of instances of people not getting what they paid for, I was inclined to give my thoughts.