Monday, 8 July 2013

Art Auction: Dr Who - Prisoners Of Time #5

My idea, is "glamourpuss by stealth." I'll do DOCTOR WHO so that I can draw his pretty assistant (he always had a pretty assistant). Going through them again, I'm moved to wonder "Why didn't I do NYSSA?" She's stunningly pretty. The answer is she was always in the background and hard to draw clearly. Then I found a clear shot of her but she had changed her hairstyle from tight billowy perm to a "big Hair" wave which doesn't look nearly as good on her -- and she's wearing a really unfortunate (in my view) outfit. There was another companion named Tegan, though, so I started looking at her. The last image in the "No.5 DOCTOR" file was a head and shoulders shot of her with a pixy cut. I found it kind of endearing because she was too old for a pixy cut at that point. At a certain age it can let you hang onto "young" for a couple of more years, but either she was past that age or she just didn't have the right facial structure to support it. Maybe both. So decided to draw what I figured she had been hoping she would look like with a pixy cut. Put a couple of gleams in her eyes and... this and that... the miracle of pen and ink plastic surgery! [Read the full article here...]

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