Saturday, 20 July 2013

IDW Announces 'The Strange Death Of Alex Raymond'

Prolific creator Dave Sim's meta-adventure through the history of photo-realistic artwork, the career and death of Alex Raymond, and much more, will be published by IDW! Sim's originally self-published work is being completely remastered, redrawn, and reworked before it sees release as its own 18-issue series.

Originally serialized within the pages of the self-published Glamourpuss #1-26 (2008-2012), The Strange Death Of Alex Raymond is an as yet uncompleted work-in-progress in which Dave Sim investigates the history of photorealism in comics, specifically focusing on the work of comic-strip artist Alex Raymond and the circumstances of his death on 6 September 1956 at the wheel of fellow artist Stan Drake's Corvette.

"It's not much of a secret that we're big Dave Sim fans at IDW," said Ted Adams, Publisher and CEO. "He's done an absolute ton of covers for us lately, each one more dynamic than the last. Add in the other Sim projects we have in the pipeline, such as the Complete Book of Cerebus Covers, the digital/audio version of High Society and The Complete Zootanapuss Artist’s Edition, the time seemed right to launch a full blown creator-owned title and take our relationship to the next level."

Dave Sim's distinguished career in comics began with his self-published hit Cerebus. An essential series that evolved through grounded and mature subject material, Cerebus is a modern classic that catalyzed Sim's career as well as the comics industry on the whole. As a vocal proponent of self-publishing, Sim has spent much of his career improving and exploring his craft through his own self-published projects. More recently, Sim has contributed his iconic style to various covers at IDW, including The Colonized, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, and Doctor Who.

IDW is pleased to explore new territory with Sim on this personal and important project, The Strange Death of Alex Raymond.


Blake Bell said...

Release date, please!

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Hi Blake!
Don't hold your breath. Here's what Dave said a couple of months ago:

...the book isn't scheduled and won't be for at least a year if not two. I want to get this right. And if that means starting over, that means starting over. I'm sure IDW welcomes anyone's feedback who is interested in the project. But it's WAY at the beginning... It's going to be one of the biggest challenges for me WITH IDW SUPPORTING ME WITH ALL THEIR RESOURCES which they've made clear is what they're planning, to figure out how to maintain interest in a book still being worked on for a period of a couple of years. Chris wondered if they could get artwork for San Diego. And uhhhhhh emmmm. I don't KNOW. The danger there is being old news at the 2014 San Diego. "Hasn't that come out YET?" Well, no. A year or two. I said that from the beginning. THAT won't register. "That Sim. One cover a year and a couple of panels. What a schmuck."

Jason Winter said...

Gad but that's a fine cover! Love the Williamsonesqué tree.

Anonymous said...

That cover just made my month.

David Birdsong

Jeff Seiler said...

Not just the Williamesque tree, but the whole "Tarzan" look to the upper left side of the cover. Leave it to Dave to top all of his commissioned covers for IDW with an even better one for his own IDW book!

DVS, indeed!

Adam Ell said...

Dave Sim is to Comics what Bob Dylan is to Music.