Tuesday, 16 July 2013

IDW Covers: X-Files - The Lone Gunmen #2

X-Files: The Lone Gunmen #2
(IDW, July 2013)
Art by Dave Sim
Having never seen the X-Files, I have a limited mental picture range. NEVER heard of "The Lone Gunmen" although I thought that's a pretty darned clever name.  Chris Ryall gave me a heads up that they were doing something with "The Lone Gunmen" in X-FILES and he'd be happy to see a cover from me on that subject.  Well, if you type "The Lone Gunmen" into Google Image what you get is a few hundred copies of the official graphic and the logo.  Which is a very nice graphic and a very nice logo.  So I faxed Chris asking him, "Are you doing anything with this? because it seems tailor made for a photorealistic cover."  And, no, they weren't.  So I downloaded one of each and then just did some fine-tuning to turn it into a comic-book cover.  One of the things that I did was to put the guys in the same order in the images that they are on the logo.  Things like that really bug me.  Like calling your comic book ABC and then the graphic is of ACB.  I also put the short guy lower than the other two.  Which seemed like another no-brainer (although I might not have thought so back when I was short).  Absolutely no problems.  It was my favourite density of photo with hard shadows and most of the detail burned out to white so I didn't have to adjust mentally for it.

I might be doing another X-FILES cover.  I downloaded some screen captures from the trailer for the X-FILES movie and I definitely know what I want to do with them.  We'll see if I can get far enough ahead on THE STRANGE DEATH OF ALEX RAYMOND.  It would make a nice break.


Jeff Seiler said...

Nice job, Dave! The Lone Gunmen were always my favorites on that series, although I had a major crush on Scully (like every other red-blooded male who ever once watched her on-screen--amazingly sexy overbite). Good job catching their characters in the head shots, too.

Eric Hoffman said...

First episode of LONE GUNMEN series is disturbingly similar to 9/11 and its resultant conspiracy theories, interestingly enough.