Thursday, 1 January 2015

Restoration Bulletin-- Seeking Diamondback Scans, New Year's Contest

Sean Michael Robinson:

Happy New Year everyone!

Now that we're closing in on High Society, I'm getting last-minute corrections and suggestions from Dave. The most recent fax was a whopping four pages, and covers the "Cerebus Kidnapped" sequence of issue 27.

So! We are now in need of high resolution (600-1200 DPI) scans of a Diamondback deck-- mainly the Priestess, Queen, and King cards, but ideally, the entire deck.

Do you have a Diamondback deck and access to a scanner? Then please let me know by sending me a message, or the scans, at cerebusarthunt at gmail. As per Dave's fax, the first person to send me scans will received a signed Diamondback deck from him, and will of course be thanked by name in the book.

Please, if you send scans to me, leave a comment here to let everyone else know! Otherwise I'll try to update this as soon as I've received them.

Thanks everyone!



I've received scans of the whole deck from Steve and Michael, and am now adding them to the H.S. thank-you list. Thanks for your help guys! And everyone else, keep your eye on AMOC for the next two weeks for possibly more posts along these lines. We're pulling out all the stops to make this the best book it can be, and that involves your help!


Steve said...

Got 'em scanned and sending now; the envelope I have handy is the one w/ Cerebus holding cards and dropping coins. The other one is in a box - somewhere in the basement.


Sean R said...

Awesome-- thanks so much Steve! Be sure to send your address and name you'd like to be included in HS with your files :) Much appreciated! I'll post here again to confirm the contest is closed as soon as I receive the files :)

No worry about the envelope--just the cards are needed!

Anonymous said...

Just sent the Diamondback images to you, Sean.

Michael ragiel