Monday, 28 September 2015

Cerebus: In My Life ~ Vnend

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How did you discover Cerebus and how long did you read it for?

I'm not sure how I heard of it initially. I picked up an issue in the store during Church & State and put it back. Five years later had a roommate who was a fan with all the back issues. I was a die hard fan after that, all the way to #300 (and beyond, it seems).

How has your own creativity / comics reading been influenced by Cerebus?

Dave printing his and other folks' 24 Hour comics got me do one, create a few single page comics and a couple of minis (including my son's birth announcement). And that creative impulse also took root in my son. I also picked up several of the creator owned comics that Dave mentioned in the monthly issues.

What is your favourite scene or sequence from Cerebus?

But, but, but… there are so many!
Issue 6:
      Cerebus: "Cerebus would love to lick apricot brandy from your navel."
      Jaka (collapsing in tears): “Wah!"
      Cerebus: “You don't like apricot brandy?"
Issue 51 (all of it but especially):
      "Reasonable? Cerebus is tired of being reasonable. Cerebus is going to try homicidal instead!"

Gerhard's covers.
But, probably mostly, the two page spread (Cerebus and Jaka on a huge checker board, Cerebus in armor and using a shield to protect Jaka from flying stone heads). I actually worked up the nerve to call the Off-White house and asked Dave to release that as a poster.

Would you recommend that others read Cerebus, and if so, why?

Yes. Why depends on the person. If the person is a comics artist, just to study Dave's genius in lettering is more than enough of a reason, but his use of line, Gerhard's backgrounds, etc, etc… Sometimes just for the humor and sometimes just because it is such a monumental piece of work.


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