Thursday, 17 September 2015

Weekly Update #100: Chicago To Dallas & Back Again... Or Not

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."

It's all systems go for Cerebus Archive Number Three
as Funk Master John and team assemble the portfolios!


This just in from Dave Sim-- the Great Cerebus Warehouse Giveaway of 2015 has been scheduled for October 23, 24th, and 25th in Leamington, Ontario. Dave has reserved a block of rooms for Cerebus fans at the Comfort Inn in Leamington. To register for one of the rooms in the block, call the Comfort Inn at 519 326 9071 and cite the name of the event- CEREBUS 2015.


JLH said...

When Dave started talking about carrying a clock with him, I immediately thought, "Oh no, he's going to get arrested then invited to the White House!"

Tony Dunlop said...


Jeff Seiler said...

Seems like Mr. J was on to something. Anybody wanna check and see whether that plane landed safely at O'Hare on Monday?

Anonymous said...

It seems less likely it is god sending a message, and more likely that life is sending a message, which would be something like, "when you need other people to provide services to you, access those services the way everybody else does, or else things won't work."

Order airline tickets online - everyone else does. Don't order tickets on the phone from someone in the US who doesn't know anything about Canada.

The plane ticket is a microcosm of the whole mistaken approach to getting these medical tests done. You can't expect good results when you use a foreign system and also refuse to access resources as they are designed to be accessed. This is a recipe for delay, wasted time and expense, and poor results.

- Reginald P.

Travis Pelkie said...

Was the clock in Dave's back pocket? Is it possible he just broke it when he sat down to eat with Sandeep? And that clock is at 9:29, not 9:30, darn it! I think we learned from Flavor Flav that when your timepiece is larger than a wristwatch, one should wear it around one's neck. Heh

Glad that Archive 3 is getting sent out and 4 is coming soon, but I wish Dave hadn't signed all that stuff without knowing what's actually wrong with the wrist. If the lettering is what's bothering him, it seems likely it's a carpal tunnel/repetitive motion type injury, and more lettering is just likely to aggravate things.