Saturday, 3 September 2016



It really is my own fault that I'm having to deal with all this as a way of life at age 60.  There are moments that I go, "Six THOUSAND pages?  Wasn't that, you know, overdoing it a bit?"

Okay, overdoing it a LOT.    


Margaret said...

Started at 10am and still at it at 6pm. Going strong Dave.

I do remember a particular signing where you were up to 4am something. . .I don't think you'll be up that late tonight. :)

I'm looking forward to the new collected letters being offered. I printed out CL3 about 20 pages at a time to read it. Got it in a binder now.

Dave Sim said...

Hi Margaret - The Last Signing ("Last" unless 950 signatures show up out of nowhere) at STRANGE ADVENTURES in Halifax. "What time have we got now, Eddie?"

No, you're right. I have my sunset prayer time at 7:53 and that's around the time the Wifi place closes, so I'm in for about another hour.

Binder is a good idea. The other day I suggested getting them bound into a book. I should have said "not me, though". Bookbinding is pricey. My own preference is for the correspondence boxes we've had done up for the archive. Fits 8 1/2x 11 perfectly, about 2" thick. I've got my RIP KIRBY COMMENTARIES in them now. I'm going to show them on the Weekly Update one of these weeks.

Eddie said...

That was nuts! It was past 4am (my autographed Cerebus comic "time stamp" says 4:08am on it), and you were after me and the last one to get stuff autographed (on your counterfeit Cerebus #1, as I recall).

And then, after all the signatures were done, I recall Calum of Strange Adventures showing Dave all the donations to the local Food Bank received (which was the "price of admission), and observing just how glad Dave seemed after he saw it. Not out of the realm that it was close to 5am after all was said and done.

Margaret said...

Eddie - the counterfeit #1 was the 2nd to last item. I wanted to see which options Dave would give me for the 'fake' signature. The last item signed was an actual #1. Yes, I brought a real #1 with me. I was nervous having it out and about. . . :)

Eddie said...

And then he goes ahead and signs the counterfeit with his REAL signature instead of a counterfeit (Neal Adams?) one as he intended (well, it WAS 4 in the morning)!

Dave Sim said...

ONLY time that ever happened: my regular signature instead of "Neal Adams" or "Frank Frazetta". I blame myself for the Boston Bruins (Margaret) winning the Stanley Cup instead of the Vancouver Canucks (Eddie) that year.

But, then, at one level or another, I blame myself for everything back to the Suez Crisis! :)

Eddie said...

Dave: Not sure if I ever told you about the time Margaret came to visit Vancouver a couple of months after the Bruins beat the Canucks in the playoffs in 2011, resulting in riots in downtown Vancouver, (because the Canucks lost, I mean. Not because Margaret came to Vancouver, although that almost happened too), and I went to meet her and her friends downtown at the hotel they were staying at to show them around town.

Waiting for them in the lobby, you can imagine my surprise when they came down wearing their Boston Bruins Jerseys with full pride, ready to walk around town with me as their tour guide while they flaunted their victorious home team.

"Those are some Pretty Big Cajones," I remember thinking." But then, I REALLY should have expected that from someone identifying herself as "CerebusFangirl."

Dave Sim said...

Yeah, if you can survive identifying yourself as CerebusFangirl, I don't think a bunch of Vancouverites are going to make you sweat.