Friday, 2 September 2016

One Day To Go On CAN5!!

I will be posting here tomorrow, God willing. Probably starting two or three narrative threads. One of which will be: how my vision of the Cerebus Archive itself is mutating and what the concept is behind it.

Another will probably be the CEREBUS ARCHIVE Kickstarters and how those are mutating and what the concept behind those are/are turning into.  

Might just be me talking to myself on the Labour/Labor Day weekend, but if you have any questions about the Long-Range Planning and you're in front of a computer somewhere, tomorrow will be the time to ask them!

Thanks for the outstanding support to date:  $25K Bonus Items for everyone!  On me!

A Portfolio of 10 Signed & Numbered Prints from 'Jaka's Story'
including an exclusive 11,000 word essay by Dave Sim!
Raising Funds For The Restoration & Preservation Of The World's Longest Graphic Novel
Kickstarter ends Saturday 3 September. Pledge now!


Glen said...

Dave, I just made my pledge for the "Cerebus Archive Number 5: Jaka's Story" portfolio on Kickstarter however it might be my last one.

The reason is I'm much more interested in the Cerebus covers book you putting together with IDW. I'd rather spend $100-$125 (CAD) on a signed and numbered book than another archive portfolio.

But that's just me.

Jim Sheridan said...

Off topic here, but there has been a decent two-part rundown of all of the appearances of Ernest Hemingway in comics over at TCJ' s site, with "Cerebus" in part two. Worth a look.

Off-topic part two: I've been lucky enough to find some old EPIC ILLUSTRATED issues at my local comic store and was delighted to get two with some Sim work.

Dave Sim said...

Glen - I'm sure IDW will be glad to hear it. :)

The covers book isn't signed and numbered. BTW Menachem Luchins notified me (by way of Jeff Seiler) that there's a final order cut-off for the COVERS book with a ship date in the third week of September. He hastens to add that he got the same notice some time ago for a STERANKO book and no sign of it yet.

Thanks for sticking with us this long!