Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Previously on AMOC, George & Dan's Cerebus Statue. Now read on...

Hi George & Dan - Sorry I'm just getting to this now.  I really don't want to do any discussions by phone on this.  If you insist on private phone discussions then that's a "deal-breaker" for me, I'm afraid. For these reasons:

1) AMOC is your/our primary customer base, so I think they need to know what's going on and what decisions are being made and why.  Particularly since you posted the video of the figure.  

2)  I think there are two primary markets: a) I really want this plastic figure and b) I'm not really a plastic figure kind of guy but if it brings in some revenue that helps keep the Restoration and Preservation moving forward, I'm willing to kick in SOME bucks.  HOW MANY bucks is a major variable.

I think the b) market is larger than the a) market which means the discussions of price point and quantity need to be conducted openly because the number of b) people who go "I'm out" when they hear what it costs is going to decide if it's do-able.

3) I'm not sure that 2 a) and 2 b) taken together amount to much more than two dozen units or so. And if that's true, then my working on this comes very, very low on my list of priorities because there's just too much work involved for too little return.  I'm better served putting in available time on the Notes for CAN6 with an eye to getting that launched in January

4) I'm not a "figure guy" so I really do need input from "figure guys".  I thought al roney had a very good point about the shield. It's not really associated with Cerebus and I think it really just ends up covering up a good chunk of the figure from most viewing angles.   

5)  I just noticed the tail is the same deal as the ears: it looks as if it's for an action figure and not a statue so I think it needs to be "of a piece" with the figure itself or needs to have the seam all around it sealed.  

We can keep discussing it here and see how many enthusiasts turn up.  I do think that I need to either modify this figure or Version 2 (if that's what you want to do) and I'll be happy to send this one back to you.  There is a strong possibility that we can make the maximum amount of money auctioning each Version as we're working on the replacement.  And that might be as far as it goes. We never arrive at a mass produced Version, but we make whatever we make from each prototype on eBay.

I'll keep mentioning that I need some kind of "Cerebus grey" clay that starts soft and then hardens to modify one of the Versions and to serve as the final prototype.  If an enthusiast finds that for me, I would see that as a major step forward.  There is, at least, one Enthusiast which means there's probably a few enthusiasts and "enthusiasts".

And now!  Your friend and Jasper's Dad!  Sean ROBINNNNSOOONNNNN!


Travis Pelkie said...

I applaud Dave for, as usual, thinking of his fan base and what they actually want/will pay for.

I fall into category 2B, since I'm not a figure/statue guy. A cool, good looking Cerebus for a relatively cheap price is something I'll buy just because I do like the little bugger, and want to help the Restoration. But there is a breaking point of price -- I'm not sure what, exactly, but if you say x amount and it makes me gasp, then no, I wouldn't pay that for it. But I'm not sure yet what X would be.

Dave Kopperman said...

I'm not a figure guy, but my wife is (a figure gal, I guess), and I would definitely buy it for her, provided the price was in a reasonable place for these things.

Anonymous said...

Well if it doesn't go into mass production you can always sell the file to people who has a 3D printer or a friend who has a 3D printer.
Paul McKenzie

Tim P said...

I fall into group 2B. My two year old boy who has an Aardvarks over London poster in his room, falls into 2A - but he has no money! Will it be child safe? Am I overthinking it? Quite possibly.

Jeff Seiler said...

I am most definitely not an Action Figure Pub kinda, er, action figure guy, but I'll chime in. Dave noted a long time ago that just about every initiative to sell Cerebus-related ephemera (statues, plush figures, coffee mugs [Hi, Matt!], etc.) either failed or hit a relatively low ceiling in overall sales. I think Dave's estimate of a few dozen in sales is not far off the mark unless you guys have an absolutely phenomenal, nationwide marketing team in place. And, hey, there's any number of comic book stores that have whole, separate sections of the store just for action figures and statues/busts.


You're talking about trying to market an action figure or statue of a character that hasn't been published monthly in 150 months. Revived, to some extent, yes.


You're talking about trying to sell an action figure or statue that, according to early feedback on an advanced prototype, is made of relatively flimsy plastic and which has been proven to be subject to damage in shipping.


You're showing us a prototype that, apparently, comes shipped in pieces and which, apparently, has to be superglued together, all of which makes a static statue, not the (I think, IIRC) originally-suggested articulated action figure.


The sword is white (at least it's not black! Heh.), the teeth are weird, the nostrils are too small, the ears aren't in fighting pose (pulled back), one ear has not been lopped off. And, apparently, the shield is superfluous (though I'm kind of indifferent on that, one way or the other).


With every change to the prototype, if you guys are businessmen and, hence, keeping track, the production costs rise, which leads to advancing retail price points. Eventually, you will, at least theoretically, price yourselves out of the built-in (though limited) market.


Think how cool that Cerebus statue would look, standing on top of the stack of all 16 remastered volumes, with the six Swords of Cerebus volumes forming the base of the tower...!

Just my two one-hundredths of a dollar's worth...

@Chris_DFS said...

I like the 3D printing files option. And I couldn't go anywhere above $50 for anything of the sort. Less is better.

That being said, I still have the two resin kits from way back in their boxes, never started.

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

I could very well be in a minority of one here, but honestly, I couldn't care less about ANY Cerebus merchandise. I care about the comics and anything that gives me an insight in to Dave and Gerhad's artistic vision. But that's it. Statues, films, badges etc are just someone else's project/vision and for me are irrelevant. While I do admire the effort that has gone into this statue project, I don't think I'd spend big bucks on it. Sorry George and Dean.

Glen said...

I'm an action figure guy but it will depend on the price.

I bought a "Game of Thrones" 6" action figure (The Hound) a couple of years ago for $20

Are there enough Cerebus fans to justify a large order at some Edward Burtynsky Chinese plastic mould company to keep prices low?

I have my doubts.

Sandeep Atwal said...

This should be just the first in a series of figurines and dioramas of the Cerebus world. Next, we could get Cirin, Lord Julius, Jaka, Bear, Oscar and Posey. And who doesn't want the Dino's Cafe Action Set, the Throne Room, Jaka and Pud's place, the Regency and the Guys Bar?!? Plus, of course, the Sanctvary with all three Wise Fellows. Each sold separately!

Travis Pelkie said...

Actually, when you put it that way, I totally DO want all that, Sandeep...

You can sell that stairway in the dark from the Sanctvary as a separate black box. You can't see anything inside!

Bill Ritter said...

I'm a Dave Sim/Cerebus guy, so I'll pick up the plastic figure or the statue or the whatever.

I'd prefer the statue, because I like the heft. I'll accept the plastic figurine because it's better than nothing.

I'd love a plastic figurine AND a limited edition statue (S/N of 100) that carries a premium $. Even better if said statue was part of the series, as Sandeep suggested. EVEN better if I could secure the CAN # for my limited edition S/N.

...Should I mention the S/N limited edition hardcover dream I have...?

Jimmy Gownley said...

Really? NO ONE suggested a Red Sophia bust??? How disappointing.

George Peter Gatsis said...



I need the Figurine I sent you, unaltered, mailed back to me asap.


Dave Sim said...

Jimmy Gownley - RED SOPHIA BUST! i get it!! Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck!

George - the figure went back in the mail to you yesterday!

Dave Sim said...

Glen - That's a major problem. GAME OF THRONES is a HUGE market so the costs are amortized. I really doubt that we're talking about a $20 ballpark for that very reason.

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

I agree with Tim above: "I care about the comics and anything that gives me an insight in to Dave and Gerhad's artistic vision. But that's it." I don't really have anything to say about statues or action figures, beyond that they seem very popular among people who like that sort of thing. So I think it's an excellent idea to conduct "market research" among this blog's readers, who are surely more interested than most in Cerebus byproducts. And I think Dave's right to prioritize such merchandise on the basis of financial return.

Jeff's objections also seem sound. I wonder too if the Howard or Marx estates would object to statues of Red Sophia or Lord Julius?

-- Damian