Saturday, 1 June 2013

IDW's 'Cerebus: The Covers' Update

Preliminary designs for 'Cerebus: The Covers'
Edited by Scott Dunbier

(from Kickstarter Update #160, 30 May 2013)

People have been asking about THE CEREBUS COVERS books from IDW. Right now there's nothing to report. I suspect Scott Dunbier, thorough fellow he is, is trying to track down ALL the original covers. At some point both Gerhard and I are committed to writing text about the covers and neither of us have heard anything yet. Scott also still has some scanning to do of the later material and should be up sometime this summer. But, bear in mind, even when the books are done, there's a five-month lag time for the Diamond solicitation so the books definitely won't be out before the end of 2013 and probably not until well into 2014.


Adam Ell said...

Yeah, I couldn't wait so I've assembled a run of 17 to 300. Not only do I get the covers but also the back covers(Yeah, I'm talking about #78).

But I'll still be buying a copy of IDW's hardcover when the day finally comes.

I still say they should publish a oneshot collecting all of Mr. Sim's variant cover work as well.

Gunderstorm said...

I was just looking at the prints in the Zazzle store and my jaw dropped. This book needs to be in the hands of folks like me who have a lovely set of phonebooks on their shelf and HAVE NEVER EVEN SEEN THE COVERS.