Saturday, 8 June 2013

It's A Man's World

Hate #21 (Fantagraphics Books, December 1995)
Art by Peter Bagge
(from an interview with Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Journal #184, February 1996)
...Diana Schutz faxed me the cover of Hate that [Peter] Bagge did. You know, "It's a Man's World" and Buddy Bradley as a dog. Why is it when Dave does this he's a Nazi and when Peter does it he's a scathing critic of the social milieu? Why is Robert Crumb immune from criticism? Ask Gary [Groth]. "Crumb is the subject of a successful docmentary. Crumb lives in France. Crumb gets written up in literary journals I read." [Cerebus] number 186 was singled out because it provoked a profound reaction of emotional hurt in emotional people...

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Applause, point well made.

David Birdsong