Thursday, 27 June 2013

Low Society

by Rob Walton & The Toronto Comics Lab
On Sale: September 2013

Cerebus built a reputation for parody by liberally borrowing from popular and established comic characters. With Low Society, Multiple Eisner and Joe Shuster award-nominated editor Rob Walton (Ragmop) and the Comic Lab bullpen take you on all-new adventures in aardvarkian insanity featuring appearances from Red Sophia, Moon Roach, Elrod, and more. Featuring an all new cover inked by Dave Sim with backgrounds by Gerhard. Plus a host of pin-ups, laughs and surprises. Attend the launch party/signing at the Comic Book Lounge in Toronto in early September with special guest Gerhard. More details at: info [at] cartoonistsworkshop [dot] com

The publisher (Sean Menard) finally talked me into doing a six-pager as well, so you'll see my first new comic story since 2006! Never say never. Who ever thought the creator of the Ragmop would end up writing its antithesis, Cerebus? What a crazy world... I forgot to mention that Ger's color cover is for a print he's making to sell separately in conjunction with the book. Our cover remains in penny-pinching B&W.


Adam Ell said...

I don't understand this. What is this? Someone please explain.

crazyyears said...

The Comic Lab Bullpen put this together as an exercise. There are new Cerebus stories. Dave Sim's only involvement was inkinf the cover and giving his...ahem...blessing. It's a one-shot available to pre-order through Diamond in July. That's all I know and I think I got all of that right. Hope it helps.

crazyyears said...

Well I got it all right except the spelling of inking.

Anonymous said...

Old-man Cerebus skweee-ing down the banister in a Hugh Hefner robe made me feel giddy.