Thursday, 13 June 2013

Todd McFarlane: Spawn at #250

Cerebus #276 (March 2002)
Art by Dave Sim
(from Comic Book Resources, 7 June 2013)
...We're heading toward issue #250. I'll be writing #234 this week, and we've got the artwork done for up to for #241, so we're way ahead of schedule! The artist [Szymon Kudranski] and myself have been doing this book since issue #201 and he's given me forty-one issues of artwork. We'll have at least forty-one consecutive issues with the same art team. I've got to at least get to #301 so I can break Dave Sim's independent record! He's got the record for the longest running independent comic book with Cerebus the Aardvark. I've gotta beat him by at least one. It's just a little competition amongst fellow Canadians...


Anonymous said...

At this point is the mega corporation that is image still considered an "independent"

Dominick Grace said...

And given that Dave actually drew every issue (ok he and Gerhard drew them all), Todd's full of shit to think that simply publishing 301 issues of something he didn't draw all of is anything like comparable. (Has he even written all of it? I confess the only issues of Spawn I ever read beyond the first couple were the Miller/Moore/Sim/Gaiman-written ones.)

Dominick Grace said...

OK, according to Wikipedia, McFarlane has drawn . . . 30 issues, as of whenever the page was last updated (post issue 200). He's credited as writer on most of it, but he didn't write any of 8-11, 16-20, and 151-84, and other writers are credited as being involved in well over 100 issues. So if, you know, 10 wrtiers and artists, plus well over a dozen guest writers and artists, can be compared to ... two, then sure, Todd can say he "beat" Dave if he gets to 301. And he'll be as believable as he usually is.

adampasz said...

What McFarlane said is fine. Stop being defensive

I could care less about Spawn, but I wouldn't call Image a "mega-corporation". Getting any book to 300 is an achievement.