Friday, 21 June 2013

Petunia Con: Magic In Disasters

Jaime, Mario and Gilbert Hernandez
from The Art Of Jaime Hernandez by Todd Hignite, 2010
(Photo by Carol Kovinick-Hernandez, 1984)
(from Charles Brownstein's Vapour Trail blog, 22 February 2012)
Larry Marder likes to talk about the time, back in 1984, when Berkeley hosted the sole Petuniacon, a Cerebus and alt comics focused show that he credits as his 'Passage From Virgin to Bride' where he walked in a fan and walked out a pro. The talent there was something else: Dave & Deni Sim, Los Bros Hernandez, Gary Groth, Jim Valentino, Chris Claremont, Trina Robbins, Mike Friedrich, Bill Sienkiewicz, Mike Mignola, and others... Larry may have been one of about 9 fans who walked in. Sometimes there's magic in disasters because a vital community has gotten together, and the fact of getting all those people who believe together is what makes the moment special.

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