Friday, 28 June 2013

Kim Thompson (1956-2013) RIP

The Comics Journal #82-83 (July/August 1983)
Art by Dave Sim
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(from The Comics Reporter, 28 June 2013)

...One memorable piece he contributed to the Journal in those early years was the magazine's first full-length interview with the cartoonist Dave Sim. Thompson championed Sim's comic book Cerebus almost from its conception, and would remain convinced of the cartoonist's skill -- if not various, specific beliefs Sim held -- for the remainder of his days, even offering to publish certain works of Sim in recent years (Sim debated and then declined the offer). The Sim interview ran over two issues, and featured a cut-in-half cover. It was likely not the first interview in the magazine anticipated as "The Comics Journal doing what they do with this specific cartoonist" given the publication's impressive run with a variety of mainstream comic book figures ranging from the fully invested executive to the strictly iconoclastic creator, but the Sim piece was early as the magazine began to secure a reputation for longer, more serious talks with an emerging generation of cartoonists looking to the comics medium for its opportunities for personal expression. The choices made by the publication were not automatic, even though they look inevitable in the rearview mirror. Thompson and the rest of Fantagraphics ran the risk of routinely alienating the professional community on which the magazine depended for advertising revenue, a significant chunk of its readership and access to interview subjects...

(from Tributes To Kim Thompson at, 24 June 2013)
...Kim had, from my vantage, what appeared to be an enviable life: a happy home, and an unending pride in his calling. He was truly a gentle, kind soul, though he always thought of himself as a bit of a punk, I think. I don’t remember ever seeing him angry, and he treated even the lowliest of adversaries with good-natured acceptance. Dave Sim has probably lost his only sane defender. Kim knew he and Gary had done something beyond what anyone could have ever imagined and he seemed continually giddy over what turned out to be an astounding and indelible achievement...

Kim Thompson (1956-2013) was an American comic book editor, translator, and publisher, best known as vice president and co-publisher of Seattle-based Fantagraphics Books. Kim wrote and published the first major review of Cerebus in The Comics Journal #52 (December 1979).


A Moment Of Cerebus said...

"Dave Sim has probably lost his only sane defender."

Wait a minute. I think I've just been insulted by Dan Clowes!

Anonymous said...

"Wait a minute. I think I've just been insulted by Dan Clowes!"

HA HA good one!
And... I think DC insulted me too ;-)

Tony Dunlop said...

Oh my, how sad. I hadn't heard. He was much too young and the comics world will be less for his absence.