Monday, 29 September 2014

Glamourpuss Art Auction: Alex Raymond & Hal Foster

Glamourpuss #6, pages 14-15 (March, 2009)
Dave Sim tracing paper work-sheets
featuring Alex Raymond, Hal Foster &... The Grim Reaper!

Set of three tracing paper drawings that make up a two-page spread:
  1. Alex Raymond and Hal Foster portraits in the photorealism style. It's a Two-for-One with the world turned on it's side. When one portrait is viewed vertically, the other is horizontal (sideways, etc.).
  2. Re-creation of Alex Raymond's "The Back Seat Driver," an illustration from the cover of Saturday Home Magazine from Dec 7, 1935. This "Grim Reaper" motif will become more pronounced as the Strange Death of Alex Raymond develops.
  3. Re-creation of a Hal Foster "Prince Valiant" panel.

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