Friday, 26 September 2014

From The Archive: F. Paul Wilson

Treausres From The Cerebus Archive: I'm not sure if he's STILL a CEREBUS fan, but F. Paul Wilson was kind enough to send me autographed copies of two of his best-selling books, THE KEEP and THE TOMB, both of which I enjoyed very much. The first was autographed "To Cerebus' Dad, Pleasant Dreams, F. Paul Wilson" and the second was autographed "To Dave Sim Guard Your Karma, F. Paul Wilson". I've BEEN watching and my karma seems to be okay to me but I appreciate the warning.


F. Paul Wilson said...

They look well read. Glad you liked them.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

The movie adaption of The Keep is one of my favorite movies.

Just sayin'

Matt Dow

Anonymous said...

Molasar looked awesome, Tangerine dream makes some great moody music, the DP was a genius, and there were some fantastic actors involved. But dear God, is that movie a mess. I've been meaning to read the book (and check out the fairly recent comic adaptation), but have yet to do so.

-Wes Smith

Anonymous said...

So...soooooooo jealous. Would love to meet the man. And get my paperbacks signed too.
Hoping to see illustrated justice done to his other Repairman Jack novels. I'm a massive fan of the audiobooks too.
I have the hard cover Matthew Dow Smith illustrated version of The Keep. Beautiful artwork and inks. (:D

On a side Gerhard last year in Calgary, AB. He was kind enough to scribble me his version of Cerebus. (:D

- Rattytom