Thursday, 25 September 2014

CANT Kickstarter Preview

Dear Cerebus Fans, Backers, Patrons,

In Dave's weekly AMOC post of today, he reports among many other things, that CANT is very close to launching! I faxed him late last night that my target was 6 pm EDT, and that's like 2 hrs and 45 minutes away. So the pressure's on....

I had a critical errand to run today, and on my way back I'm thinking, hey Funkmaster John, why don't you send the backer community a sneak preview of CANT? That way, they get a 'heads-up' on everyone else and can watch the way cool video and as they keep refreshing the page, they can see the progress I'm making. Sounded like a good idea to me, so let's let 'er rip as they say. I embedded a URL in "sneak preview" in the previous sentence and here it is again just to make sure:

Just a few quick notes and then back to slogging away at the details, details, details......

Please watch the entire video first (yeah, 7+ minutes, but Dave's entertaining project overview is very thorough. Then read as much of the Storyline content as you can - some URL's seem to be active and some aren't - you'll figure out which ones are.

Then, if you have something profound (or even mundane) to chip in on, please write your comments and send them in. (I probably won't be able to answer any because I'll be busy finishing up the project, but if you see something blatantly missing or totally confusing, please, please tell me in large UPPER CASE letters - I'll skim through your comments before launching.

Feel free to let us know what you like and don't like.

Finally, we're offering something new: Bonus Prints. Read about it in the Preview! We're also trying to simplify the portfolio pledge process while at the same time allowing you to pick and choose many, many options. Those are contradictory processes in themselves, and this is what's taking a bit longer - I need to set up (and explain) and capture EXACTLY what you want added to your portfolio (headsketch, bookplates, phone call, etc) AND which shipping method AND now the bonus plates. Kickstarter doesn't have a nice, drop-down 'pick-em' type menu, so I'm having to figure out with charts, tables and "Kindergarten Kickstarter Helper Tools" (still to be created in the remaining 2.5 hours....) ways to make this easy for you to figure out and pledge. And then clear enough for me to figure out what you ordered...

Ok, that's all the time I have for this, so have fun with the video.

Oh, right, one last thing....I had to watch the video, then work on it, and then a while later I watched the video again. Amazing how much more I noticed after the second viewing. I really recommend that you do the same.

Bye for now,

John Funk

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