Saturday, 3 January 2015

Restoration Bulletin-- the Final Days of High Society, Part 1

Sean Michael Robinson:

Greetings everyone!

Yesterday morning I woke up to a veritable avalanche of faxes from Dave. What were these documents? Notes on High Society corrections/revisions? A comedy routine? Solicitations of advice from AMOC readers? The musings of a caffeinated brain? 

All of the above, it turns out.

I'm going to post these faxes today, with some commentary from me at parts. I'll be splitting them up by topic in the hopes of getting feedback from any readers out there on individual decisions that need to be made. In certain cases (tiny inset "continued" captions) the decisions has already been made. In others, Dave and I have either different ideas, or are individually unsure about the decision.

I hope you all enjoy this peek into the process here, as we do our best to, respectfully, make the best High Society reading experience possible.

First off, some odds and ends--

So, we've added several instances of missing tone to the book, but this is definitely the first instance of "missing ear."

These next few notes go back to issues of readability. How small can you make the stroke of white on black text and have it not fill in/have it still be legible in print? Dave's suggesting possibly making a "High Society narration font" to solve this. Fortunately it's not necessary in this case, as I can expand the text in easier ways, but it's a good thought for other reasons. Anybody out there interested in a Dave Sim font? They'd certainly be useful in any packaging redesigns.


Jeff Seiler said...

Well, Dave, IIRC, M. suggested creating a digital Dave Sim font some 6 or 8 years ago. It was a good idea then and I tried to help carry the ball to the end zone (watching NFL playoffs just now so, thus, the metaphor) but Dave insisted that it was not, then, the time for such a scoring drive (er, metaphors; plural).

Now? With Sean and Mara involved?

Slam dunk!

(Okay, mixed metaphors...)

Just do it!!!

Scott Yoshinaga said...

I'd love to see a Dave Sim font for sure. Dave's lettering is so good and he has so many different hand drawn lettering styles too. Lots of font families, you could probably sell them.