Sunday, 25 October 2015

Tribute Art Round Up #12

Inktober 2015 Illustration

Art by Chuck Forsman (2015)
"So I did this cerebus commission and thought it would be a good thing to try my homemade screentone for the first time. Think it came out okay. I have no idea how the adhesive will age but I think it is doing its job visually. Thanks to Mr. Bissette for the quick screentone tips."

Cerebus & His Watchmen (2015)

Art by Zidders Roofurry (2015)

Art by Tattoo Mike (1998)
"I did this years ago for a comic book convention competition...some image thing won...of course..."
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love Bob Burden so godamn much.

Really, really wish he would get his shit together and produce more comics rather than randomly stopping work on stuff or shotgunning a bunch of concepts into the ether that never get produced. The world needs more Flaming Carrot in particular, or at least more Bob Burden in general (be it Dynamite Girl or Mystery Men or random ass art collections).

-Wes Smith