Thursday, 8 October 2015

Weekly Update #103: A Cerebus Super Update!

In this week's update....The Great Cerebus Giveaway, news from IDW on the Cerebus Treasury Covers Collection, the soon-to-be-launched Cerebus Archive Number Four on Kickstarter, introduction to The Cerebus Foundation, and more!


7 October 15

CIBC Trust Corporation


Since XXXXXXXXX is going to be charging for his services from the moment I engage him, I thought I would send you this draft of my letter to him to see if there's anything that I've left out of what the "bare bones" Last Will & Testament should include.

Fax # here is 519-576-0955.

Let me know the next time you're going to be in town and I'll give you a tour of the Off-White House!


Dave Sim

PS: I'll be posting this to the A MOMENT OF CEREBUS website with your name "xxxxxx"ed out to make sure everyone is "on board" with all developments right from the outset.


xx October 15


I got your name from your grade-school crossing guard compatriot, xxxxxxxxxxxxx at CIBC/Hamilton, who is presently creating THE CEREBUS FOUNDATION on my behalf.

It is his suggestion that we need to begin the process with a "bare bones" Last Will & Testament (I am presently intestate) specifying that I intend to leave all of my material assets and possessions to THE CEREBUS FOUNDATION inclusive of:

1) my publishing company, AARDVARK-VANAHEIM INCORPORATED which:
a) is the beneficiary of my Manulife Life Insurance policy No. xxxxxx . (There is no other beneficiary)

b) owns the Off-White House, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx repository of THE CEREBUS ARCHIVE (documenting chronologically, 1968 to the present, the pre-history and history of both Aardvark-Vanaheim and my 6,000-page graphic novel, CEREBUS); periodicals, books, audio and video recordings about CEREBUS; published and unpublished examples of my pre-CEREBUS and post-CEREBUS creative works

b) includes its CIBC business chequing account #xxxxxx CDN$ #xxxxxx US$

c) is the sole owner of and CEREBUS digital sales portals

d) owns the CEREBUS INVENTORY housed at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in Kitchener

e) owns all of my original artwork 1970-to-date (stored at xxxxx location)

f) owns the Comics Guaranty Corporation encapsulated "Dave Sim File Copies" of the early CEREBUS issues stored in safety-deposit box #xxxxx at CIBC King and Queen Streets in Kitchener
2) My personal effects and possessions contained in the RESIDENCE portion at the rear of THE OFF-WHITE HOUSE
a) my personal RRSPs under management by the CIBC
To specify in my Last Will & Testament:

1) the CIBC will serve as Executor of my Estate and Administrator of THE CEREBUS FOUNDATION

2) THE CEREBUS FOUNDATION will be fully "donate-able" in perpetuity by those wishing to participate in sustaining it financially

3) THE CEREBUS FOUNDATION will have as its mission statement
a) to preserve all of the above in as close to the state in which they existed at the time of my death as possible

b) to allow access to the premises at XXX XXXXXXX Street, with appropriate security precautions, to interested CEREBUS fans after my death

c) to donate a minimum of 10% of all assets accrued in each fiscal year to ST. JOHN'S KITCHEN and THE FOOD BANK OF WATERLOO REGION or successor charities having comparable "feed the poor" mission statements
Further, that the administration of THE CEREBUS FOUNDATION -- both before and after my death --is to include optimal transparency at the A MOMENT OF CEREBUS website created by and wholly owned by Tim Wxxxxxxxxx London, England (or successor CEREBUS website if AMOC ceases to exist at some point).

(that is, that all correspondence between myself and you and and all other participants on the subject of THE CEREBUS FOUNDATION will be deemed excluded from the traditional attorney-client privilege)

with all adjustments and tweaks to THE CEREBUS FOUNDATION taking the form of "codicils" to my Last Will & Testament.

A lot of meat, for a "bare bones" document, as I'm sure you'll agree.


Dave Sim,


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Wish I could make it out to help!

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