Friday, 27 November 2015

Weekly Update #110: Kitchener - Home Of The Aardvark

Wes Hagan's COMIC BOOK WAREHOUSE OF WONDERS has agreed to take FORTY THOUSAND copies of Cerebus! With the bag-and-board wonder Ramon on the job, Kitchener is now officially The Home of the Aardvark. Yeah!

Are you a qualified medical practitioner? If so, here's A LINK to Dave's recent MRI and X-Ray of his damaged right hand. It's a zip file with two folders (MRI and X-Ray). Each one has some a small proprietary viewer with which you can see the files. Note, it's PC only. Send in your diagnosis to: sandeep.s.atwal [at] gmail [dot] com


Steve said...

Well, once the expense of labor, bags and boards, and that certificate thing (necessary why?) is factored in, it's got me wondering how these issues are going to be free.

Perhaps free to walk-in customers and at the cons Comic Warehouse sets up at.

Guess I should've tried harder to contact one of the fans travelling up there to the storage facility to snag what I'm interested in. It dawns on me now that postage out of Canada will be a bit prohibitive too, more likely than not, especially with the added weight of the backing boards.

But still, three cheers to the Warehouse for taking this on!


Sandeep Atwal said...

They will be free for anyone who goes to the WOW in Kitchener, and Wes will be taking copies around with him to cons. They're free.

Wes is being good like that, he just loves comics. Dave F. and I will be going to a Kitchener ComicCon and a Toronto one in the new year (and hopefully others) using the free copies of Cerebus as promotion, hopefully it will be a productive way to get some new fans.

Jeff Seiler said...

That was THE most entertaining Weekly Update to date.


Joe Blow said...

Dave Sim, Mac guy.

mike r said...

Hey,I have an idea how Wes can recoup some of his expenses and promote Cerebus. Once Dave and Sandeep create the 2X3 poster of Cerebus and the Warehouse of Wonders they can add it to the Kickstarter CAN5 as an individual pledge or add on's to the portfolio.

Anthony Kuchar said...

When is Kitchener Comic Con?

Also, maybe Niagara Falls Comic Con?(nudge, wink)

Anonymous said...

I hear they have qualified medical practitioners at hospitals, walk-in clinics, and doctor's offices whose job it is to dispense medical advice.

I strongly suggest going to one of these places where medical services are provided to obtain the provision of medical services.

Perhaps one of these places where medical services are provided have internet access by which they can download an internet file to look at the MRIs. Or perhaps Dave could bring a USB drive with the files to a doctor.

- Reginald P.

Tony Dunlop said...

Dave almost looks like one of the soldiers in the legendary "Biggus Dickus" scene in Life of Brian, trying to keep a straight face during the Ramon sequence.

Will Collier said...

A question for the group, if anybody is still watching this far down the page:

I sent Dave's MRIs to one of my best friends, who's a radiologist. He specializes in this kind of injury/diagnosis, he's going to have a look and get back to me with what he thinks. This doctor doesn't know Dave from Adam's housecat, or Cerebus from Garfield. I'd like to 'introduce' him to the guy he's helping for free, so what single issue of Cerebus would be a reasonable introduction for an intelligent, mid-40's, well-read complete noob (I doubt he's read a comic of any kind since puberty, he wouldn't get any of the Cockroach jokes, for instance)?

I don't want to drop one of the phonebooks on him as an introduction... although I do have all the old Swords collections--maybe one of them?

At any rate, thanks in advance for any suggestions...

Steve said...

Hi Will -

For a single issue I'd have to recommend #51, for a phone book High Society.