Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Dave Sim's John Funk Update 3/9/16

"Prepare Detailed Portfolio Order List" is at the top of the agenda:  slated for Mar 1 through Mar 5, John reports that he's 35% of the way through.  So, officially, he's four days behind on the REVISED schedule IF he gets that the other 65% done today.

So, hypothetical Real Time (he MIGHT be able to make up ground elsewhere) we're now looking at April 19 as the earliest possible full completion date.

I'll try to do this every time I get an updated report from John: project a NEW completion date.


al roney said...

I'm happy that J-Funk is back in action.

He's been super responsive to my e-mails and I'm pleased to report that I now have the Collected Letters 3 PDF in my possession.

Go John!

Travis Pelkie said...

I also have CL3 now, and I didn't even have to email him!

Lee Thacker said...

Got my Collected Letters and Mt. Everest digital rewards today too! Go, John!!