Thursday, 10 March 2016

Reads: Finishing up Loose Ends?

Sean Michael Robinson:

Hey folks!

Two real quick messages. I'm finishing up Reads right now and I need your help!

First off-- does anyone have an original printing of Issue 178, and a scanner? I'm looking to see some scans of pages 13, 14, 19, and 20. The negatives for these pages are all second-generation negatives, shot from either a printed copy of the book or from some kind of photocopy or print, and I have no original art to replace them with.

The majority of the book looks fantastic, and I'm hoping that the original printing of the monthly book might be an improvement for these pages.

So! Do you have a copy of the monthly book? Take a look at these pages. Does the tone on Cerebus look dark and sort of "junky," like a photocopy? If so, please let me know in the comments! Or if these pages look good in your copy, please send me a scan. A sample scan of one panel is just fine. Color scans at 1200 ppi are best, if possible!

I'll have a prize for the first person to contribute scans. Please send your sample scan to cerebusarthunt at gmail!

Secondly! Do you have a copy of the Reads graphic novel? If so, is it a recent printing?

I'm looking for printing dates for the different printings of the book. So far, I have up to the fourth printing--

First printing: April 1995
Second printing: April 1995
Third printing: August 1996
Fourth printing: May 2001

Do you have any info about further printings, based on the indica of your book? Please let me know via email or in the comments.

Thanks again for your help, strangers!


Lee Thacker said...

In my copy of the comic, the Cerebus tones look fine... will scan and send within the next hour...

Sean R said...

Awesome--thank you, Lee! Can't wait to see the scans.

Paul Slade said...

I've just sent you a scan of 178 p13 (which looks fine to me). If you'd like the rest of the named pages scanned in and sent over, just let me know.

Dave Sim said...

Speaking of tying up loose ends on READS: Jeff S.! Sandeep is converting the text to a word document and has scanned your handwritten corrections and will be e-mailing them both to you sometime in the next couple of days. And, yes, this is the process we'll be using for JAKA'S STORY.

Jeff Seiler said...

Great, Dave! And then, I assume I'll be proofing in the Word document. If I recall correctly I have finished proofing JS with handwritten notes, which I am sitting on for the time being. (Makes my chair more comfortable.)

Travis Pelkie said...

Dave keeps everything else but doesn't have a record of all the printings of the trades? Hmm. That seems odd.

And by the by, it's "indicia", with that third i in there.

Sean R said...


"...keeps everything else..."

I'm sure it's there SOMEwhere. Do YOU want to the be the one to dig for it? :) If someone has a later printing, that's certainly the most expedient way to get the info!

Travis Pelkie said...

Fair enough. It just seems like that's something Dave would have "closer to the top" than other stuff, as it's related to the actual business side of things.