Thursday, 24 March 2016


The TCOP Launch has been delayed to 7 pm on Saturday March 26.

The Wifi place I use will be closed both Good Friday and Easter Monday, so I'm going to try to make up for that by doing more posts than I planned on Saturday March 26 and Not Easter Tuesday.  :)

Thanks to everyone who's been expressing interest!


Jeff Seiler said...

Well, Dave, I hope you have a peaceful and edifying Good Friday and Easter Sunday, reading the gospel and praying. Good luck with the launch of TCOP on Saturday.

I'll be starting up again on Reads on Saturday, God willing. I got the files from Sandeep late Wednesday night. I guess here's as good a place as any to ask whether there is a drop-deadline on finishing it.

Bill Ritter said...


Tomorrow. Each time you ask the question, let it be "tomorrow". :)

Cerebus Online said... "drop-deadline" as such...but do the best you can! Thanks for all your hard work!

Jeff Seiler said...

I will work as fast and accurately as I can prior to the NCAA tournament games on Saturday, and then much longer every day through next week until I'm done, S, and Dave. The really hard work has already been done...

I must say, though, I just tried editing in text on another Word document someone sent me, and it was a disaster. But, I think it was because he had images embedded in the text.

Still, I don't think Google likes Word very much. I have a Google Chromebook laptop.

If I get the same problem again, I'll go to the library and use the free Bill Gates computer. Heh. Remember our discussion about that, Dave?