Wednesday, 2 March 2016


We're getting geared up for the MARATHON or Marathon or "marathon" FREE CEREBUS giveaway at Kitchener Comic Con April 2.  10,000 certificates of authenticity, 10,000 bags and boards being picked up from Wes' WAREHOUSE OF WONDERS tomorrow and I just got the phone message from Sterling Marking Products that the 10,000 gold seals have arrived.

How many free comic books can you give away and how fast can you give them away?

Sandeep and Fisher will find out (God willing) April 2nd.

PS:  Thanks to everyone who's signed the petition in the last week! And to Kitchener Comic Con for running a request on their website.  This is EASILY the biggest surge since Carma Chan, Oliver's significant other, decided she was going to get all 2,000 in one "go" a few years back.  She definitely got around 20 just on her own.  Anything more than 1 or 2 a month is definitely a hockey stick curve.

Tim? Are you home from work yet?  

The reason that I ask is that the gold seals from the last order were "dull gold" (the most recent bonus prints) and this batch is -- like the first batch -- "bright gold".  Can you scan yours and post the images attached to this post?


Anthony Kuchar said...

Really exited to get up to Kitchener. I'll bring some back home and pass them on to my friends in Welland.

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Re the gold seals: I opted for the prints without the seal so I don't have them to scan. Sorry.