Friday, 4 March 2016

Weekly Update #124: Making The Cover Of Reads

Watch closely as Dave reveals the many, intricate complicated individual elements that make up the cover of the most controversial graphic novel ever created!


(from CAN4 Kickstarter Update #6, 4 March 2016)

Hi Folks,

I'll be starting the work of putting the survey results together and double checking all the order details this weekend. Almost all of the surveys are in now, but there are still three that have not been submitted. I have sent personal messages out to each of those three backers as well. Please complete that in the next 36 hours so that I properly assign the total numbers as well as your specific selections.

We've completed three rounds of proofs in order to get the images and the notes perfected. The quality of the content in the notes and the images and the print quality looked very good to me and I hope you will be pleased.

Once the above is completed we can begin printing - that should be in a couple of weeks from now.

Thanks for your support.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Cool. I love this behind-the-scenes stuff.

-- Damian

Ibis said...

My eight year old daughter walked in while I was watching the weekly update and insisted that Cerebus looked like a pig. An aardvark, I corrected her, pointing to the phonebooks on the bookcase, an aardvark. (Sadly, they are at this stage the thin phonebooks, not the fat new ones.)

Glen said...

Can I buy "Dave Sim the Evil Misogynist" wallpaper at Benjamin and Moore?

Dave Sim said...

Not at Benjamin and Moore, but John Funk definitely has the capability of doing wall adhesive sheets that (theoretically) you can peel off and re-stick dozens if not hundreds of times (according to the manufacturer). He did a CEREBUS THE BERSERKER as a sample that I believe I sent to Margaret. My thought was "This really violates the fannish MINT impulse. If you peel it off the backing paper it's DEFINITELY not in mint. If you stick it to the wall and peel it off again then it's 2XNot in Mint. And if you do it again, it's 3XNot in Mint."

John -- not surprisingly -- gave me his "I guess I'll take your word for it" look.

I mean, theoretically, if you were talking to non-fans it would be WICKED DOPE COOL WALLPAPER YOU CAN TAKE WITH YOU WHEN YOU MOVE, DUDE! But -- comic-book fans? I have my doubts.

Margaret? How many times have you peeled and stuck your poster?

Let me rephrase that...

Tell your daughter Daddy's full of s**t -- Cerebus DOES look like a pig.

Let me rephrase THAT...

On second thought, let me go home...

Ibis said...

Heh, I'll tell her "Dave, (the guy who draws the pig) says 'Hi!'"

Margaret said...

The wallsticker is pretty cool - though I only did it twice: hung it up, looked at it, took it down and hung it up somewhere else, looked at it, and then stuck it back on the backing board it came on. The fangirl in me didn't want to 'ruin' it. lol. It still seems sticky enough to stay up again. But whatever is used on it to make it stick doesn't stick to my fingers or to the wall when I peeled it off. Though now I got some more wall space to hang up stuff permanently, I could always get two - one for the mint collection and one for the wall.

That is a ton of scanning! If y'all need help, you've got my number. . .

And I also enjoy seeing all that behind the scenes stuff.

Tony Dunlop said...

Hardcore comic fans have "reading copies;" so they could have "hanging copies" of the reusable posters!

Jeff Seiler said...

Does anyone else here think that, if (a huge if) Der Funkmeister does meet tha April 18th extended deadline, he would be getting off lightly at $900, under the terms of his proposal?

And does the et cetera at the bottom of the page worry anyone?

Let's say there were 250 CAN4 backers (I don't remember the exact number), then IF the financial penalty went, eventually, back to the Kickstarter partners, then that would be a refund of $3.60 per backer. That's assuming Der Funkmeister meets the April 18th date.

That $3.60 would go a long way towards paying my taxes, assuming I were to file for an extension...

Vitas Povilaitis said...

I hope you don't mind me barging in on the conversations here.

A creator I'd like to show appreciation on Creator Appreciation Day is Dave Sim.

He wrote and drew Cerebus which came at a time when I wanted to enjoy comic books but outgrew the simplistic Superhero stories of the time. His inked artwork was engaging and his slowly developing stories kept me coming back to see what would happen next.

I also enjoyed his commentaries. They always made me think critically about various topics that I took for granted.

I look forward to all the upcoming Cerebus Archive prints, new social commentaries, insights into the creative process and, hopefully, new art work.

Thanks for so much and many fun and interesting times.

I'd like to also show my appreciation for Gerhard.

He created Because of Gerhard, there was never any doubt as to where in space and time the cast of Cerebus existed. The backgrounds were rendered so realistically, I could take extra time looking at the comic book panels to soak it in beyond the foreground action.

Even his independent commissions that I see on his web page fill me with delight.

Thank you.

Vitas Povilaitis

Travis Pelkie said...

I giggled at the start of this one. Dave in a hoodie is a sight to behold! Was he punching a hanging side of beef beforehand? hee hee

Love to see the behind the scenes, and Cerebus wallpaper would be cool to have.