Saturday, 26 March 2016


Hi-Rez Cerebus Image Downloads. Always. Available.
Help preserve the longest graphic novel in the English-speaking world, the 6,000-page Cerebus!

Multiple Purchases (Cheap!): 
Individual Purchases:

Okay, everyone click on and take a look at The Total TCOP Package! Remember -- you don't have to buy ALL of them and you don't have to buy them today or next week or a month from now.  They're. Always. Available.  It's not like Kickstarter with a 30-day "window".  ALWAYS means ALWAYS with TCOP. The images are also available INDIVIDUALLY at:

Every one of those images you're looking at in low resolution is being made available in HIGH RESOLUTION 600 dpi CMYK.  The same resolution that Sean Robinson is using for the CEREBUS Remastering Volumes.  ALL THE DETAIL!  ZOOM IN and just keep clicking.  The image doesn't "fuzz out" it just gets HUUUUGGGE!

Even with these OVERSIZED art pieces, it's possible not only to get them printed out at their ORIGINAL size, it's possible to ENLARGE them 200% with no loss of detail!  The cover original of 187 is roughly 11x17.  The poster behind me is TWO FEET BY THREE FEET!

How much does it cost to get them reproduced at that size?  That depends on what printer you talk to and where you live.  We're encouraging EVERYONE to let people know what they think the ideal size and paper stock is -- and what the best deal is out there in North America, Europe and the UK.  

But, in the meantime, this is the closest you'll EVER get to these CEREBUS ARCHIVE original pieces.  LITERALLY!  It's like downloading a digital guided tour of your favourite CEREBUS art pieces as UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL as it gets. 

Happy hunting!

p.s. MANY, MANY, MANY thanks to Eric Berry for hosting the images at where they will ALWAYS be available! And, of course, all 6,000 pages of Cerebus are ALWAYS available at


Margaret said...

So I made the donation - the website says I need a logon, which I might have gotten from a previous Cerebus Archives kickstarter, but I don't remember getting one. . .I tried resetting it, but no luck. Will it be sent at a later date? It wasn't in the email from GoFundMe.

I'm looking forward at taking a closer look at the artwork and seeing which ones I'd like to print out for hanging on the walls.

Jeff Seiler said...

Talk aboutcher Comics Metaphysics!

There're 114 images here, but which PARTICULAR cover isn't offered?

Wait for it...wait for it...



All quibbling aside, Dave, this is gonna be huge! Some astounding selections.

I'm thinking of making a Top Ten list of the best choices, later tonight after baxetball is over. (BTW, I'm here now 'cause it's halftime of yet another blow out game...lucky you!)


Sandeep Atwal said...

Hey Margaret, and everyone else, we're just getting orders now and I'm just adding people to, so it'll take a few minutes to add people as the orders come in, but you'll have them in a few minutes!

Margaret said...

Sounds good Sandeep - thank you! I'm just a bit excited to look at all this cool Cerebus art. :)

EW99 said...

Hi All - I donated $20 for the Apocrypha pages but no idea how I get the downloads. Is it so obvious that I've missed it? Any help gratefully received!

Sandeep Atwal said...

Hey EW, can you email me at'll get you the Apocrypha pages...thanks!

EW99 said...

Thanks very much Sandeep for the speedy follow up.

JLH said...

The CerebusArchive site no longer works...