Wednesday, 7 August 2019

In Progress CIH? Cover!

Benjamin Hobbs:

"Manly" Matt Dow suggested several covers for future issues of CIH?. One of them was Cerebus: The Last Aardvark In Hell? #1.

"Manly" Matt's ACTUAL suggestion notes!

David Birdsong took those notes and made this fantastic cover rough:

I spent about 10 minutes putting in some rough colors for the image and adding some clouds to the background.  

The tag line will be changed before the issue sees print, and David isn't sold on the blonde hair for Cerebus.  I think it will look better with a solid black line holding it together.  

Next Week: Alternate taglines for the issue! 


Dion said...

“Wait right there! Cerebus is sure his helmet is around here somewhere.”

Jeff said...

Plus, "Where did I leave my sword?"

This is a pretty clever idea, Matt. But, then, you're a pretty clever guy.

Except when you're not. As your daughters will someday say.

Eddie said...

"We finally really did it! You maniacs! You made Cerebus into Charlton Heston! Damn you! God damn you all to hell!"

(the blonde hair might add to the"Planet of the Apes" / Heston connection).

Why do I have a feeling this issue will practically write itself if it has post-apocalyptic parodies in it? e.g. "A Boy and His Dog/Jingles," "I Am Legend / Last Man on Earth / Last Aardvark On Earth," "Zardoz / Zardvard"?

Jeff said...

Funny, Eddie!

Dion said...

Now I want to see Cerebus dressed as Sean Connery from Zardoz.