Saturday, 7 September 2019

Please Hold For Dave Sim 9/2019

Hi, Everybody!

You want a prototype The Strange Death of Alex Raymond, you gotta pledge (or up your pledge) here.

Vark Wars, SEP191310. Order Fifty, the cartoon lizard says so, who are you to argue with a cartoon? You look ridiculous you know

Colin Upton!: COLIN UPTON!!!: For the love of Pete: COLIN UPTON!!!!!: 

The Cerebus in Hell? merch is changing before or on September 13th. Just an FYI...

So here's the fax I sent to Dave with the itinerary:
 Mr. Sim,
 Here’s all the questions I’ve gotten for tomorrow’s Please Hold For Dave Sim:
1. …
2. …
3. …
4. …
So, the itinerary is Gene Day, followed by anything else you got. 
(Damian T. Lloyd has said something about how the two double issues of Cerebus don’t count as two issues, so TECHNICALLY, Cerebus only ran for Two Hundred and Ninety-Eight issues. I can’t find the direct quote, but I was gonna ask what you thought about that.) 
David Birdsong mentioned “This reminds me of something I keep forgetting to bring up. I have a digital version of glamourpuss. It’s a bootleg that someone created a few years ago. I added the covers and I sent it to Matt last year for use on AMOC. Would anyone buy it in the same “bootlegging the bootleggers” way as it is done on I keep forgetting to ask Dave about it, but mentioning it here will make that happen. I’d like to tell him there’s vocal interest if possible.” 
And Jeff has bid $40 (US) for the corrected Vark Wars. 
Okay, I’ll be ready at 5PM your time.
“Manly” Matt Dow
We talked for an hour and four minutes and seven seconds.

And now:

Where we discuss Damian's question:

And then we discuss David Birdsong's offer of the digital glamourpuss:

Here we discuss an article I found that has an interview with Gene Day.

And then Dave asks ME a question:

And this one is probably a little TOO "inside baseball," but hey, we talked, and we believe in transparency, so here ya go:


Next Time: Man, I'm tired you mean I gotta do more?


Bill Ritter said...

Well, ok. I guess in the complaint being Patreon supporter since 2015 is same level of appreciation as someone who is a supporter on 9/6/2019 for this opportunity. Ah, thanks I suppose.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


Fair point.

I'm faxing Dave tonight, about other stuff, but I'll bring up your point.

I'm loathe to add complexity to this, but maybe Dave could change it to one entry per dollar pledged as of a certain date.

Or, give extra entries for years of support.

Or or...I dunno.

Like I said, I'd prefer (as I'm sure Dave would,) to "Keep It Simple, Stupid" but it does seem a tad unfair that some Freddie Come Lately could pledge a buck and win something that a bunch of us have been supporting for years...

I'll let you know what I hear.

The "Manly" One

Birdsong said...

galmourpuss as a digital download is not happening very soon. My memory was that I had added the covers, but I only added the alternate covers and have found some since. The files are a mess. They aren't numbered consistently and the zootanapuss issues are there which is silly because that's five extra issues that merely have a different cover. I don't think I sent the extra issues to Matt, just the covers, but you know, old, memory, senility...

Sean Robinson tells me that Dave has the original digital files on a hard drive somewhere which means it's possible to have a very nice digital version at some point instead of the bootleg. Eddie Khanna mentioned that some of the issues of glamourpuss were not printed very well. I remember some less than stellar issues myself. So instead of flooding the internet and your in-box with a crappy version it's probably best to wait for the higher resolution pages to emerge.

There were no comments when I mentioned it anyway, but if anyone wants to move the conversation along fax or call Dave and tell him to get me those pages and yeah, I'll put it all together in a nice neat package.

Eddie said...

Hi Bill and Matt! I just faxed Dave a suggestion to make it more fair for existing Patrons. Stay tuned!

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


Oh SURE, DO your job! See if I care!

(I still gotta fax Dave about other stuff, but I'll leave this out.)


Eddie said...

Okay so here's what we're doing for the long term and long giving Patreon supporters:

Since Patreon is able to show the total amount a patron has pledged to a Creator: if you want to participate in the draw and reflect it by increasing your Patreon pledge by any amount, we'll take 10% of the total amount you've pledged since joining the Patreon page and add that number to your chances.

So if you've contributed a total of $40 since you joined, and up your pledge by $1, you'll get 4+1 = 5 chances. If you've contributed a total of $100 and up by $1, you get 10 chances + 1 = 11 chances.

Jeff said...

WHAT?!? I thought he said one chance per dollar. As in, my $50 pledge gets me 50 chances. WTF?

Eddie said...

Eh? It does. Maybe I wasn’t clear. So if you joined after sep 6, for $50, we’re assuming you want in on the contest so you get 50 chances. If you were already a contributing Patron before, and you had contributed $150 in total since you joined, and you upped your pledge by $10 after Sep 6, you get 15+ 10= 25 chances.

Richard P. said...

With regard to the double issues discussion. If I remember correctly the one thing that bugged me was that we were denied one Cerebus cover since 112/113 only had a single cover image.

289/290 were fine because we got 2 covers.

GCD lists Cerebus as 298 issues. Personally I count it as 300 issues.

Richard P. said...

And Dave's record is on-line

Anonymous said...

And then if you add Cerebus #0 into the mix...
Does Erik Larsen letter his own work? Because if not, adding "lettered" to "Most consecutive issues of a comic-book drawn and written" might make Dave's record unassailable.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Nope, sorry Eddie,

Issue 0 is a reprint of issues 51, 112, 113, 137, and 138.

Dave DID letter 300 issues... what's Todd Klein's record.