Friday, 6 September 2019

Sixty-third anniversary edition (Dave's Weekly Update #303)

Hi, Everybody!


You want that The Strange Death of Alex Raymond, you gotta pledge here.

Vark Wars, SEP191310 Order Forty-two! (It IS the Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life the Universe and Everything... 42 that is, not Vark Wars, Vark Wars is just a funny comical-book...)

Last week's Auction is over. Congratulations to Jeff who has won with a bid of $75 (US Dollars.) Please contact Dave at (519) 576-0610, and arrange payment with him. 

The Cerebus in Hell? merch is changing before or on September 13th. Just an FYI...

Next Time: (Oh boy do I LOVE this one...)
Panel 1 (Record breaker or no, Todd Rendering is HARD!)

Panel 2 (I LOVE Kirby Krackle!)
Panel 3 (Waaahhh JEDI!!!)
Panel 4 (There it is...)


Tony Dunlop said...

For a guy who says he can't draw, Matt, that's a pretty killer "Spawn."

However, I'm never going to see those fancy Kirby outfits quite the same way from now on.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


I can't DRAW for shit, but I can TRACE like a mother-fucker!

Re: Kirby, why do you think the Silver Surfer had no genitals...

"Manly" Matt