Friday, 13 September 2019

Prototype remastered Church & State II auction (Dave's Weekly Update #304)

Hi, Everybody!


Bidding is at $60 (I dunno, they didn't say...US? Maybe...) to "pq ribber" over on the Youtubes.

You want a prototype The Strange Death of Alex Raymond, you gotta pledge (or up your pledge) here. Eddie clarifies:
So if you joined after sep 6, for $50, we’re assuming you want in on the contest so you get 50 chances. If you were already a contributing Patron before, and you had contributed $150 in total since you joined, and you upped your pledge by $10 after Sep 6, you get 15+ 10= 25 chances.

Vark Wars, SEP191310. Meme by Birdsong

Hey speaking of Cerebus and Star Wars and all that good stuff:

Friend to the Blog, and recipient of his own special themed week here on AMOC, Steve Peters is running a new KickStarter to fund his latest project:
The Comicverse is a sci-fi romantic comedy set in a comic book shop on a space station, written by Bianca Alu-Marr and drawn by me, Steve Peters. In 2013, we started a comic called Comicverse: Behind The Counter, a spinoff that Bianca wrote for other artists to illustrate. At the time, I'd already started Parallel Comicverses, though I didn't have a name for it yet. I did know it would feature an alien character based on me named Esteban (a comic book artist that had a small role in the Comicverse series), and that it would be written by me and by other guest writers. Of course Bianca ended up writing part of it too, just as I drew parts of Behind The Counter. The final product, Parallel Comicverses #1, will be a softcover black and white, digest-size book, with 70 pages of comics and over 30 pages of glimpses at the creative process.
Wait for it...
THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: Parallel Comicverses #1 focuses on three things I am passionate about: Star Wars, the music of a band called Yes, and comic books, most specifically a comic called Cerebus. However, since the comic's stories are told through the eyes of a 31st century alien, these three things are familiar yet...different.
Wait for it...
For the Cerebus portion of the comic, I've created a 3-headed aardvark called Cerberus. I decided the best course would be to turn to Cerebus' creator himself, Dave Sim. Dave has been kind enough to participate in several of my jam comics in the past, but he's had problems with his hand and had to stop drawing, so I asked him to write a story for me instead. The end result, "Cerberus Conquers The Universe!", has a lot of in-jokes that I'm sure Cerebus readers will find amusing. It's been a blast drawing Cerebus characters in their mutated alien forms, and I'm not finished yet. I will be recreating scenes from Cerebus in their Cerberus form and offering them as rewards in this Kickstarter*.
That's RIGHT! Dave's WRITTEN a new (quasi-)Cerebus story, and the ONLY way to get it, is right here at Steve's Kickstarter, and it'll only set you back twelve bucks**...

A page from the prologue chapter of Parallel Comicverse featuring Cerberus, the 3-headed aardvark. (Written by Friend of the Blog, Steve Peters.)
*I'm getting the Melmoth reward, 
**If you got more disposable income, Steve's got some pretty nifty rewards, like Cerberus recreations of Cerebus art. Go read the Kickstarter, it's all there on the sidebars. 
AND: New Cerebus Merch:
I'm getting me one...
David Birdsong says:
US: Vark Wars Yellow Logo Tee T-Shirt
Vark Wars Yellow Logo Tee Sweatshirt
Vark Wars Yellow Logo Tee Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Vark Wars Yellow Logo Tee V-Neck T-Shirt

UK: Vark Wars Yellow Logo Tee T-Shirt
Vark Wars Yellow Logo Tee Sweatshirt
Vark Wars Yellow Logo Tee Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Germany:Vark Wars gelbes Logo-T-Stück T-Shirt
Vark Wars gelbes Logo-T-Stück Sweatshirt
Vark Wars gelbes Logo-T-Stück Langarmshirt

And still available - "Approval Is An Authoritarian Construct"
US: Approval Is An Authoritarian Construct Tee
UK: Approval Is An Authoritarian Construct Tee

I'll send a copy of Vark Wars signed by both Dave and myself to the first person that sends Dave a Vark Wars shirt. There's really just four versions and the V-Neck for the Ladies is sold only on Amazon US.

Next Time: Um...A bit from one of the phonebooks? Those seem popular...


Jeff Seiler said...

$75 U.S.

Bill Ritter said...

$100 U.S. greenbacks.

Eric Bahringer said...

I’ll go $125

Tony Dunlop said...

About that shirt: Aren't you guys at least a little nervous about The Mouse? He's got lots of hungry, aggressive lawyers - and he's not afraid to use them...

Birdsong said...

The funny thing is Amazon rejected the red, black and white version of the logo the cover. CafePress turned it down super fast. It’s a risk I guess so get them while you can.

Birdsong said...

Make that “FROM the cover”