Tuesday, 10 September 2019

"You haven't seen any TERMITES around, have you?""

Hi, Everybody!

You want a prototype The Strange Death of Alex Raymond, you gotta pledge (or up your pledge) here. Eddie clarifies:
So if you joined after sep 6, for $50, we’re assuming you want in on the contest so you get 50 chances. If you were already a contributing Patron before, and you had contributed $150 in total since you joined, and you upped your pledge by $10 after Sep 6, you get 15+ 10= 25 chances.
Vark Wars, SEP191310. Meme by Birdsong
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The Cerebus in Hell? merch is changing before or on September 13th. Just an FYI...
Larry Wooten got this one...

Next Time: Baby's got back...cover errors. It's a thing. You'll see...


Birdsong said...

All of the Cerebus In Hell? merchandise is gone. We are currently awaiting approval on the next set of items.

Birdsong said...

And thank you to everyone that made a purchase. The “Approval Is An Authoritarian Construct” is still available on Amazon.

Jeff said...

As per the Cerebus pages--I've been on a few first dates like that!