Sunday, 6 October 2019

Please Hold For Dave Sim 10 2019 (Steve Peters Week II Edition)

Hi, Everybody!

PLEASE HOLD FOR DAVE SIM! The October 2019 one...

Part one: Dave has declared October (10) Third (3) "BILL RITTER DAY" in perpetuity. He explains why. I also sent up Steve Peters' post from the other day.

Part two: We continue with Steve and Deni.

Part three: The discussion turns to the Strange Death of Alex Raymond volume 3. ANd then DIon Turner asked:
I’ve been too busy so I missed the boat.
A question for next time... which may have been asked in the past, if so put the ka-bosh on it and send me on my way to a link.
Were there any other authors that you considered having counterparts adapted for Cerebus?

In my mind there is an untold tale of Cerebus the Barbarian where he meets Lovecraft and they are trapped in a town of fish-people monsters.... or a Dunwich Horror scenario, giving Lovecraft a twin.
Mark Twain (a young Cerebus adventure). Poe, I’m not sure why - I just think I want to see Dave draw Edgar Allen Poe.
Cerebus unstuck in his own timeline like Billy Pilgrim in ‘Slaughterhouse Five’, set primarily during Later Days (but including everything - especially ‘something fell’)..... this might be playing in with my wish to see Cerebus abducted by aliens.

Part four: More of Dave discussing Lovecraft.

Part Five: Eddie sent Dave a fax referring to Diamond's quantities of Cerebus in Hell? that they have. While Dave can't tell me what they are, he does suggest which ones are Almost Out of Stock, and which are Low Stock and soon to be Almost Sold Out.

To wit:
Form & Void is OUT OF PRINT (and apparently going for a hundred bucks on Amazon...) BUT, Diamond has supposedly found some copies in the warehouse, so if you want it, tell your LCS you want it.

The Cerebus in Hell? issues that are ALMOST Sold Out are:
Sim City: That Issue After
Iron Manticore

And then the issues that are Low Stock and will soon be Almost Sold Out:
Fornicators Inc.
Canadian Vark

Part six: More about Form & Void, then Dave answers Margaret's question from a while back.

The Rigmarole:

Friend to the Blog: Steve Peters is running a new KickStarter to fund his latest project: Parallel Comicverses #1, which has a new story in it, WRITTEN BY DAVE SIM!
Rob Walton is doing a Ragmop Kickstarter too. (Where's HIS week here on AMOC?!?)
Vark Wars T-Shirt. Vark Wars T-shirt. Vark Wars T-shirt.
Vark Thing.

Next Time: Steve Peters Week is over? NO IT'S NOT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


Bill Ritter said...

This is exiting. I have a day in Cerebus Fandom!

I'll try not to be too hurt from Matt's response to this...

Margaret said...

Nice! Thank you Matt for asking Dave about the question I had on the small page layouts that just had names above them in a recent notebooks segment.

We even got bonus answers on the Wayne Gretzky quote that Dave had put on the page. I agree with Dave on that bit. Even Todd McFarlane, a more easily recognizable comics creator, doesn't stand a chance to Gretzky.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


It wasn't personal.

I just didn't know how to celebrate the day of, with no foreknowledge.

I'll do better next year.


Carson Grubaugh said...

Interesting, the comments about Lovecraft and King. I just got a real hankering to read everything by King a week or so ago, feeling like there is something in there I need to grasp. Already finished Carrie and am well into 'Salems Lot.

Eddie said...

1) I always thought the kid named 'Tom' who threw mud in Cerebus's face when he was campaigning in HIGH SOCIETY was a nod to Mark Twain / Tom Sawyer, especially is visual appearance.

2) From a cursory glance, there's been some debate over whether St. Peter had a wife, and it seems the phrase in the original Greek which references her in scripture (directly or indirectly, I'm not quite sure) is 'sister-wife.' So maybe you do need to read it Matt!

Jeff said...

Funny...(not "ha-ha")...I always thought the "Tom" page was a nod to Dickens. Mainly because of the overall look of the page. No offense, Eddie, but I think that the Clemens tie-in is too obvious.

Maybe a good question for next month's "Please Hold"?

Dion Turner said...

Thanks Matt/ Dave!

It certainly wasn’t my intention to send Dave into a spiral of evil and darkness with Lovecraft!