Tuesday, 12 January 2021

High Society: The Regency Edition

Hi Everybody!

Dave Kopperman! Paging David Kopperman! Dave Kopperman!

This one's for you buddy:

At 12:10PM Eastern Standard Time, (That's New York City and the East coast of them United States.)


Be there or be...not there.

And what do you get with this beauty, well as it says on the website:
This lavish edition includes…

  • Printed hardcover book housed in a printed slipcase with silver foil blocked details and beautifully designed end sheets.
  • 24 pages of additional rarities from the Cerebus Archive.
  • Each copy is hand signed and numbered by Dave Sim.
  • Silver page edge gilding on every book.
  • Every book comes with an exclusive trading card and a set of six 5x7” postcards.
  • Available in three options, the standard COLLECTOR edition, the CANDIDATE bundle and the PRIME MINISTER bundle.
  • The COLLECTOR edition comes with a trading card and a set of six 5x7” postcards.
  • The CANDIDATE bundle comes with the card and postcards found in the collector edition plus a 50-sheet pad of Regency Hotel stationary, a signed and numbered 6.5x10” archival pigment print by Dave Sim, a pair of original hand drawn Elrod ‘Bunny” and Cerebus “Tree” trading cards by Dave Sim, a set of 27 limited edition High Society trading cards, a Cerebus enamel cloisonné pin, a 3” round sticker, and the High Society Notebook, a comic sized book that contains highlights of sketches and studies from Dave Sim’s 1981-1983 notebooks.
  • The PRIME MINISTER bundle comes with everything above. The signed and numbered print is a larger 11x17” size and we will include a surprise unique to this edition.
They got pictures and stuff over there. Go look.

And I heard a little "behind the scenes" extra:
Most of the extra items being produced around this book will be very limited, meaning little, and in some cases no overrun.
The book will be limited to somewhere in the 150-200 range depending on how many the printer can reliably print and bind (It's an elaborate production and we didn't print many).
The books will be numbered based on the quantity of finished sets we receive from the printer.
Now this is the "Pre-Sale" window Dave mentioned in the last Please Hold.

What the balls does that mean?
We say "window" because we will offer a 10% discount from Friday - Sunday night, from there it's full price.
If there are any copies left.

Friday, 12:10PM EST, 11:10AM CST, 10:10MST, 9:10AM PST, 8:10AM AKST, 7:10AM HST 6:10AM...ya know what, I'll let you figure out what day and time 12:10AM EST is yourself...

Good Luck, and God Bless...

Next Time: THIS, plus Hobbs. Then THIS plus Margaret. Then THIS plus the weekly update if I wake up in time to post it before work...


Ralph S said...

Can I trade my signed and numbered Incal hardcover?
What would that get me...?

Ralph S said...

And uh...
"Did you fall for a shooting star, one without a permanent scar..."

Jeff said...

Dibs on a Prime Minister edition.

Dan said...

Aw man, I would love to have this, but 200 bucks plus postage to the UK means I’m going to have to pass.

Dave Kopperman said...

Is there a "Dave Kopperman Edition"?

Jeff said...

Aw, man, if there's a Dave Kopperman Edition, then there should *definitely* be a Dipshit Seiler Edition, numbered 1/1.

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting decades for a hardcover edition, but $195 is too expensive. Also, more details need to be disclosed before I would spend that kind of money. What are the dimensions of the book? Is the binding sewn or glued? What tape of paper?

RSS said...

I *saw* the "Dipshit Seiler" edtion, it's embossed! It's on the table at "Camp David" - I peeked... Just fork over $495.00 and you can see it too! (No, he's not paying me anything, why all this suspicion...?)