Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Cerebus Pole-Vaulting!

The Flaming Carrot Kickstarter Print: 'The Great Race' with the Turtles on jet packs, and Cerebus pole-vaulting into the lead, Flaming Carrot rides a flying dragon, as Hugo Ball tries to keep up on a Harley. What looks like Tickle-Me-Elmo rides behind Flaming Carrot with a completely freaked out face.

(via Facebook, 21 November 2012)
Wow! I just got this in from Kevin. This is the poster for the Kickstarter campaign. Originally I wanted Dave Sim and Kevin Eastman to just mail me their drawings, and I could pop them in, but Dave insisted I send the original and we should do it right. So when Kevin got it he went nuts on the thing! so much more ink on this than the original that it bumped to a higher fed ex ship rate!
The original print without TMNT and CEREBUS drawn in.

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