Sunday, 11 November 2012

Gerhard's Photos: Hawaii 1988 (1)

Jeff Tundis had posted a bunch of my old photos and I included some little captions on his Art of Gerhard website quite a while ago. I've just started going through my old photos and here are a few that aren't on his website. Click the images to enlarge.

Me At The Drawing Board:
This is me at the drawing board in the condo we rented for three months in Honolulu, can of drawing fuel in my hand. The theory was; we can draw anywhere, so why not go somewhere warm for the better part of the winter? Also, without many of the distractions we had at home, we could really put our noses to the grind stone and get the book back on schedule. We cranked out an issue every two weeks for those three months.

Waikiki Beach (with Diamond Head in the background):
This was the general neighbourhood where the condo was located. Dave was very disappointed. He called it Sauble with palm trees. (Sauble Beach is our local over-crowded summer sun and sand tourist-trap.) I don’t know what he expected but I soon came to realize that the world often didn’t meet his expectations… though he liked the fact that the night clubs were open 'til 4:00am.

Rose Coloured Glasses:
Dave looking at the world through rose coloured glasses. This may have been a back cover as well. I can't check; my issues are all in a box, barricaded at the back of the attic closet.

Gerhard provided background art to Dave Sim's cast of Cerebus characters between issue #65 (August 1984) and #300 (March 2004) - contributing to over 4,700 pages of comic art, as well as numerous Cerebus covers and illustrations. Keep up to date on all of Gerhard's current projects at his blog and website, including details of his new book, The Wish.

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Tony Dunlop said...

The "rose coloured glasses" photo was definitely never on a back cover. I would've remembered it!