Monday, 12 November 2012

Gerhard's Photos: Hawaii 1988 (2)

Geez... no wonder people thought we were gay. Ah, whachagonna do? It was the late eighties. C'est La Vie.

Best.Sunset.Ever. My drawing board was next to the balcony doors and I called Dave over to see this. He said that it looked as if Jupiter had snuck up next to us.

Gerhard provided background art to Dave Sim's cast of Cerebus characters between issue #65 (August 1984) and #300 (March 2004) - contributing to over 4,700 pages of comic art, as well as numerous Cerebus covers and illustrations. Keep up to date on all of Gerhard's current projects at his blog and website, including details of his new book, The Wish.


timcoalman said...

My four-year-old son Beckett sees the 1st photo and says Dave Sim "looks like Scott." A follow up question helps me understand, Scott Summers, from the X-Men.


Anonymous said...

Is Dave copying Sean Connery or inspiring Austin Powers with his hairy chest?

Gabriel McCann