Monday, 19 November 2012

High Society Digital #06 And #07 - Out Now!

High Society Digital #06 (Cerebus #31, October 1981)
Available from Cerebus Downloads
Out Now! Only 99¢

"'Chasing Cootie' introduces the (then) latest incarnation of the Roach character -- MOOOON ROACH! Bill Sienkiewicz was a close friend of mine at the time and I came up with this parody of one of his signature characters. Who IS the Moon Roach and what IS his secret origin and who is the mystery woman he met when his gut was leaking all over her carpet? I'm Dave Sim, co-creator of comics only 6,000-page graphic novel, and I never seem to get tired of saying that." 

High Society Digital #07 (Cerebus #32, November 1981)
Available from Cerebus Downloads
Out Now! Only 99¢

"As things start to run SERIOUSLY out of control for the little grey guy, we get to know Astoria -- one of the key characters in the first two-thirds of the CEREBUS storyline -- a little better. Cerebus and the Moon Roach duke it out and Cerebus has trouble taking his own best advice: Don't Get Mad At An Elf. I'm Dave Sim and I can't believe I was able to keep all this straight in my head for the two years it took me to write and draw it."

People everywhere agree that HIGH SOCIETY is Award-Winning (Eisner; Harvey; Shuster, Ignatz, Wizard) graphic novelist Dave Sim's greatest and most hilarious work. It regularly gets a 5-star rating on lists of the Greatest Graphic Novels of All Time. In addition to the 20 pages of art and story, you also get everything that was in the original comic book -- Deni's Note from the Publisher, the original ads, the original letters pages, the original back cover and inside back cover.

BONUS! Original documents from the time period from Dave Sim's Cerebus Archive as well as pages from Dave Sim's original Notebooks (where he plotted and designed each issue) accompanied by Sim's own annotations.

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