Saturday, 29 March 2014

Alan Moore's Mad Love

AARGH! (Mad Love Publishing Ltd, 1988)
Cover art by Dave McKean
(from Cerebus TV, Season 3, Episode 20, 2010)
...a lot of people probably don’t remember that Alan was temporarily a self-publisher back in 1988 and it was me who designed the logo for his short-lived self-publishing company Mad Love, which so far as I know appeared only on the cover of AARGH! (which stood for Artists Against Rampant Government Homophobia... we all have our bugs we like to boo... and its way down here at the bottom of this gorgeous [Dave McKean] cover) and as well on the covers of the only two issues that came out of Big Numbers... 


Anonymous said...

Mad Love was also the publisher of the serialized version of FROM HELL, with the logo on the backcover of all 11 issues, published "in association with" Tundra and then Kitchen Sink, according to the indicia of each issue.


rossco said...

Do you recall if the imprint was named after the Peter Lorre film, or something more general?