Saturday, 1 March 2014

Bill Sienkiewicz's Moon Roach

Convention Sketch
By Bill Sienkiewicz & Dave Sim
(from The Art Of Bill Sienkiewicz, 2 November 2013)
...Sienkiewicz began his pro career at Marvel, his style on Moon Knight very quickly shifting from something very influenced by Neal Adams to something far more expressive, and it's this extreme expression most people will think of when you mention Sienkiewicz's name. From here it was on to various projects; Marvel Comics' New Mutants, DC Comics' The Shadow, and on to various other publishers. Famously he produced the first couple of issues of Alan Moore's lost epic Big Numbers, before leaving the project. Sienkiewicz's work is still as visually interesting as it’s always been, mot recently seen in the pages of Brian Michael Bendis' Daredevil: End Of Days….

(Image via Brian Coppola. Thanks!)


BPC said...

exactly how sad is it that I popped open today's MoC and saw this drawing, and immediately said to myself "wow… a convention sketch with a Sienkiewicz Moon Roach… I wish I had a…"

and then I saw the acknowledgment, and had to go find it just to prove to myself I had it. Oy.

crazyyears said... answer your question: very. If I owned that sketch it would be framed and up on a wall and I'd see it every day. Sienkiewicz really caught the Moon Roach's grimace. Very nice.