Wednesday 5 March 2014

Cerebus Publishing Timeline #201-300

Cerebus Publishing Timeline:
#1-100 | #101-200 | #201-300 | After Cerebus
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(Idea stolen from CBG #1267, February 1998. Thanks to Michael Cohen!)


Travis Pelkie said...


hee hee hee

Very cool, again. Neat to see how everything lined up together.

Eddie said...

Kinda puts it all in perspective, doesn't it? Just Incredible.

Anyone else able to use this as reference points for the progression of their life?

Birdsong said...

Oh yeah, Eddie, I can look at the beginning of each novel and tell you where I was at that point in my life. I have letters from Dave Sim that date back to the late 80s and the addresses change every now and then until they are addressed to my current home. They tell an interesting story themselves. The only thing that compares are some of the long running bands that I still listen to.

Eddie said...

what was your first issue David (or anyone else)? Mine was #90

Birdsong said...

I borrowed 77-92 from a friend and read them over a weekend. After that I got them all myself and was an avid reader until the end.

Tony Dunlop said...

It's funny, the only issues which evoke a specific time in my life are the first ones I bought (second half of High Society). Much later than that, I have to look at the cover date and reflect carefully on what was going on in my life then. (I'm doing a reread on my own right now, just started The Poet, book 2 of Jaka's Story (#120 or so)). I expected to be swept with extraCerebal memories as I did this, but it isn't happening.

Jeff Seiler said...

Tim, issue 289 should be APR, not ARP. Also, forget where, but you spelled TPB TBP on at least one of volume notations.

Whoever made these should also make and sell posters of them. I know I'd buy one of each.