Monday, 7 December 2015

Last Day Cerebus

Last Day Cerebus (2008)
Art by Dave Sim
Sold by Heritage Auctions on 29 November 2015
for $800 plus 19.5% Buyer's Premium

(from Cerebus Facebook Group, 12 November 2015)
Hey, guys. I received this post today from my good friend Weldon Adams (Weldon was a store manager for me for many years, and is currently working for Heritage Auctions where he handles comics, and original comic art among other things), This piece is currently on his desk, and he was hoping I could give him some background on it. He says that it was produced in 2008. Does anyone here know the story on this piece?

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Steve said...

Sold for $956 in 2015, I wonder what the commission cost when purchased in 2008.