Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Okay, I'm only going to have a few minutes here -- no time to check or reply to any comments.  Just Impossible Thing #7 and an update letting you all know that Sandeep e-mailed The Last Twenty-Two Corrections to the CEREBUS COVER ART TREASURY to Justin at IDW yesterday.  That doesn't mean the book is coming SOON.  It took four months to get this latest set of proofs.  THIS time I've done the corrections as a series of posts to AMOC explaining what I wanted changed and why I wanted it changed.

But, it's really up to IDW now.  So TimW has the posts and he'll post them here the week that the covers book arrives in stores.  Whether that's later this summer, a year from now, two years from now...

All I can do is MY part.

It's really the same as with CEREBUS ARCHIVE NUMBER FOUR.  Rollie set up in Camp David at 10 am and we had the first four prints signed by 11:30.  I'm taking a two-hour break to make sure that I've actually been able to keep the signing to "fingers and thumb" and not stressing the wrist.  It's 1:07 now and the wrist is pretty good.  ONLY good for signing autographs, but really that's all I'm using it for.  Hopefully we'll have eight of the ten plates signed by the 3 pm prayer.  Then two more plates and the Bonus Prints (whenever they show up) need to be signed.

All I can do is MY part.  But, I have to say I usually get MY part done in a matter of DAYS.

Just saying.


Tony Dunlop said...

So going forward, do ALL the plates HAVE to be signed? I'd still buy them if they weren't especially if it meant protecting Dave's drawing hand in the hope that it someday draws again...

Barry Deutsch said...

Yes, if there were a "no need to sign mine" option, I would check it.

(Of course, that's assuming having less plates to sign would make Dave's life easier; only Dave could say if that's true.)

Steve Harold said...

In the old days, there would be a special signature plate
included with a porfolio and that would be the only thing
signed. Perhaps that could be an option for the future?
I too would rather see Dave drawing then signing.

Margaret said...

I would opt for the 'no signature' prints as well if that was an option - as I rather see Dave's wrist get well soon.

Glen said...

I've mentioned this in previous comments but a rubber stamp with Dave's signature and a Cerebus head (or maybe Dave's) could also work.

I want the Kickstarter credits to read "No Dave's were harmed in the signing of these prints"

Sandeep Atwal said...

Fortunately, signing prints is the one thing Dave can do without putting too much stress on his wrist. If he sets it up in a specific way and takes a break regularly, it's not a big deal, but thanks for the concern!