Sunday, 24 April 2016

On Sale 31 Years Ago: Cerebus #73

Cerebus #73 (April 1985)
Art by Dave Sim & Gerhard


Paul Slade said...

I collected my copy of the remastered Church & State volume I from my local comic shop last week. I opened it at home intending only to read only the first 20 pages or so, but wound up devouring the whole thing at a sitting.

I remember Sean agonising over just which "next issue" boxes and so on to eliminate in the remastering process, and it seems to me he landed in the right place just about ever time. I found the book a very smooth, very satisfactory reading experience and - despite its extra heft - very comfortable to handle as a physical object. The art, as we know, is now pristine.

I'm still waiting for my comic shop to get in the remastered High Society I've ordered, and I'll be buying the remastered Church & State II as soon as that emerges too. I've already got all but the first four issues of Cereus in the original floppies, which is why I've held off on buying the remastered volumes till now, but I'm very glad I made the leap. Kudos to all concerned.

Dave Sim said...

Paul - Thanks for the testimonial! It's certainly a lengthy and incredibly expensive process.

I'm 100% certain I would never have STARTED CEREBUS if I had known what my life was going to be like approaching age sixty with no end (age 70? age 80?) -- or relief -- in sight.

It's interesting that, for 26 years, "Some day, this will all be worth it" got me through so much.

"Uh, Dave? No, it won't." I wish I could go back and tell myself!

I DO hope we're able to get to the end of the process eventually so that when I DO die -- all 6,000 pages will "go live" into the public domain, universally available for reproduction in their pristine Sean-Robinson-remastered-form. THE BIG HAPPY ENDING!

If we don't get ALL the way THERE, then, hopefully, we can get as close as possible.

It's ALWAYS unexpected when someone appreciates TODAY what's being done/has been done -- the question for me when posting to these AMOC comments sections is always "Okay, what KIND of punch is it going to be and what can I do with it?" -- so thank you, Paul, for making April 25th -- unexpectedly -- "punch free"!

At least to this point: still plenty of room for punches down here, guys! Fire away! :)

Jeff Seiler said...

So, Dave? Speaking of punches...

I worked on the last 40 pages of "Reads" today, and got about 20 or 25 done. Did some "no swearing" when my buddy's computer was dying and I thought I had plugged it in but the charger connection didn't take because it's...(more swearing)...and then the document was all...(more swearing)...

I mean, it was ROYALLY (more swearing), to the point where my buddy came out of his bedroom, ended his phone call, and asked what was up.

Turned out, bad charger connection.

So, after that, it was great.

Bottom line?

Later today, I will doublecheck the last non-comic book section of "Reads", correcting the corrected corrections, and send it off.

If *this* one doesn't stick, well...


You and I will have to sit back down at our manual typewriters, side by side, with me tossing over corrections and you catching them and then rewriting the rewrites of the rewrites.

And you kids out there thought that proofreading was a *glamourous* profession!

Although, come to think of it--in a way, it is! I think Dave can explain that...