Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Impossible Thing #9

Impossible Thing To Believe Before Breakfast #9:
"Affirmative action at colleges and universities needs to be maintained now that more women than men are being enrolled, in order to keep from giving men an unfair advantage academically."


Hi, Erick!

Okay, 2+2=4 on this one:  there are more women than men being enrolled at university.  Considerably more compared to when I wrote "Tangent" 14 years ago.

It's not really a "guy thing" to complain about that. It is what it is. Numerical parity is "Feminist Theocracy Dogma" but only until women achieve numerical superiority and then -- numerical parity? What's that?  It's nothing with which men who have a clear-eyed view of the Feminist Theocracy find surprising.  All's fair in love and war.  Men -- myself included -- tend to be completely philosophical about it.  Someone told me that Manulife Insurance downtown here is 80% women employees.  "Oh yeah? How about that."  Good for them!  

Of greater concern and a development which has only emerged in the last few years is the fact that most universities -- as they are coming under complete control by the Feminist Theocracy -- are proving EXTREMELY resistant to tolerating even the IDEA of organized expressions of "men's rights" for the (to me) obvious reason that the Feminist Theocracy doesn't believe that men HAVE rights:  that men's rights are seen by the Feminist Theocracy as merely a tactical means of eroding or reversing women's rights.

It's a perfect example of the Feminist Theocracy's core dogma that anything that doesn't directly benefit feminists has to be viewed as a threat...and eradicated.

They're just getting rolling on that one but, as with everything else they tackle, they're like a hot knife through butter.

As I say, I think men (as distinct from male feminists), myself included, are completely philosophical about that.  Anything the Feminist Theocracy takes over becomes the Feminist Theocracy's problem to solve. The more butter the hot knife goes through and the less masculine participation it allows for, the more the resultant mess becomes inescapably the Feminist Theocracy's to wear.

Universities becoming Potemkin villages of political correctness -- instead of environments interested in the free interchange of ideas which is what universities are SUPPOSED to be, theoretically -- definitely tells us which way we're going as a society.  And that direction is not good.    



better leave my real name off this one... said...

Oh man, the feminization of the workplace. My wife works in an office environment that's overwhelmingly female, and JEEZUS the daily melodrama I have to hear about day in and day out. It's a self-segregation thing - I can't imagine any guy who'd be willing to deal with that environment, for ANY salary.

Dave Sim said...

Yeah, you definitely don't want your name attached to a comment like that in a Feminist Theocracy but I appreciate you posting anyway.

My own view is that women are wives and mothers by nature and that works REALLY WELL in a family context and REALLY BADLY in a workplace environment. And vice versa. In a workplace environment it just creates "Queen Bee-ism". Everyone knows who the Queen Bee is and no one crosses her no matter how incompetent or psychotic she -- self-evidently -- is.

The Queen Bee is fine in a family context because it's just natural maternalism. These are HER children, this is HER husband, this is HER sister, this is HER mother, this is HER aunt, etc. related by blood or marriage. The female view of reality. Everyone else is external to the construct. In the workplace that collapses under its mutation: me vs. them. Them being people who don't think the right way and have made her unhappy for some reason.

Most guys DO deal -- HAVE to deal -- with feminized workplaces: either female super-majority environments or Feminist-Theocracy-dominant environments. That's what political correctness is all about: there's one right way to think. Not being a feminist in our society is the same as being not a Shiite Muslim in Iran. Theoretically possible but only as long as you perceive yourself ACCURATELY and COMPLETELY as a non-person.