Monday, 18 April 2016

Gerhard's Murder Ballet

Murder Ballet (2016)
Illustrating 33 Essays at
Art by Gerhard

...Like any hack who's been working for [a] length of time, I've accumulated a fair number of pet projects over the years. These are subjects which I've become passionately interested in myself but which, for one reason or another, I've never managed to sell as a commercial proposition. It doesn't help matters that I've recently developed a taste for writing longer essays - running anywhere up to 15,000 words in length - which is a form very few modern magazines are prepared to consider. 

Hence this website. Here you'll find my guide to some of the world's most fascinating Murder Ballads, a series of Secret London's forgotten mysteries and, in the section I've cunningly titled Miscellany, anything else I damn well feel like including. My aim is to combine the old-fashioned virtues of traditional journalism - proper research, clear writing and a habit of checking my facts - with the global distribution and ease of access which only the internet can provide. I hope you find something here to take your interest.


Paul Slade said...

Anyone spot the teeny-tiny Cerebus Gerhard hid in this drawing yet?

Travis Pelkie said...

Aw man, I'm gonna be looking forever!

Tony Dunlop said...

I'm being careful not to get too caught up in it…I know I could lose a lot of time in there. That's an amazing drawing.