Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Happy 57th Birthday Gerhard!

Happy Birthday Gerhard!
Backcover photo, Cerebus #141 (December 1990)

Gerhard's 2016 Convention Itinerary:
March 18-20: Comicon Toronto, ON 
April 8-10: Wizard World Madison, WI
June 17-19: Wizard World Sacramento, CA
July-August: Gone Sailing Georgian Bay, ON
September 8-10: Wizard World Nashville, TN
November 4-6: Wizard World Pittsburgh, PA


Travis Pelkie said...

My hair is turning into a mullet just looking at this picture! HA!

Happy birthday, Ger!

iestyn said...

Happy birthday Gerhard!!

Dave Sim said...

Gerhard was born in 1959 and I was born in 1956. Because of the proximity of the birthdates -- and this only happens in a Leap Year, which this is -- for the last 333 days, I've been 59 and Gerhard has been 56. There are also 33 days between our birthdays. That's a lot of 3's. It's a very orderly, clockwork universe.

Yes, happy birthday, Gerhard!

Jeff Seiler said...

Happy Birfday, pretty boy. I'll see you and Shelly in Minneapolis, soon!

Jeff Seiler said...

Technically, Dave, I think it's a very orderly, clockwork Gregorian calendar.

Lee Thacker said...

Happy Birthday, Gerhard!

Steve Harold said...

Happy Birthday Ger!
Sorry I missed you in Madison.
Hope you had a good show!

Max West said...

Happy birthday to you, Gerhard!

Glen said...

.......Church and State in the front, party in the back.

Ger Hard said...

Thanks everyone!
Another year older
and none the wiser.