Wednesday 27 March 2024

Cryptic Faxes

Benjamin Hobbs:

So Dave sent this fax:

My first thought was "Oh, it's good to see Peter David is writing again!"  Last I had heard he was in the hospital.   But no, this is a  2011 column from the Comic Buyer's Guide.

So why did Dave send this? I have no idea.  Does Dave know Peter David is in the hospital? Again, no idea.

If you hadn't heard, Peter David is having ongoing medical issues.  If you have a spare dime or two, you can throw it toward his GoFundMe HERE

Next Week: More Comic Pros need YOUR money!


Larry Wooten said...

Go The F**k To Sleep, read by Samuel L. Jackson. On the YouTubes.

Michael R. said...

Hi Benjamin!
After work today, I stopped by my LCS, JAF Comics, to pick up my copies of CEREBUS THE AARDVARK #1 FACSIMILIE ED and the SIGNED EDITION, I got the CEREBUS THE AARDVARK #1 FACSIMILIE ED but no CEREBUS THE AARDVARK #1 FACSIMILIE ED SIGNED EDITION. Pete, the employee, didn’t have an answer for me. Has there been a blip in releasing the SIGNED EDITION? Has anyone else got both copies today?
Michael R.

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael there may be a delay in the signed versions reaching the stores; it depends when SCP was able to print them and Rolly was able to take them to be shipped to Diamond, what with the KS fulfillment going on as well. Hopefully they’ve been sent and it’s just a matter of them making their way thru the Dia system and onto the stores.

Michael R. said...

Thank you, Eddie!
Michael R.

al roney said...

Thanks for the reminder about PD so I could make a donation. It wasn't much, but at least it's something I guess. Maybe they should set up a Patreon with auto deductions or something?

While I appreciated his solid comics work, I actually think i enjoyed his column even more. Even have the paperback version.

But I Digress...

Anonymous said...

D’oh sorry just realized I made a mistake; they were ALL printed by Marquis; the signed versions were first shipped to Dave to be signed before being sent to Dia, so it depends when Rolly was able to get them shipped; SCP isn’t a part of this equation.
- Too Much Going On Eddie